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  1. Yes you say true bitcoin is not a safe haven . but they give us high profit so risk is also high .lost in cryptocurrency is due to our mistakes so dont blame crypto
  2. I saw post after 14 feb i not give any bitcoin as a valentine day gift it not a muslim event
  3. No its not true that youtube deleted cryptocurriency related videos several videos are still available on youtube which provide information and knowledge about crypto
  4. To achive best in cryptocurriencies make invest in different coins having low price if you do this you get more coins wit less investment and get stronge profite
  5. Cryptocurrency is generated by cryptography .in future all transection are done in cryptocurrency so in future all cryptocurrency over come all currencies
  6. Its good for all new comer if experienced people are guide the new ones people should do this
  7. If you want to get some income then you can do it if you inveat in crypto you gain some profit with that profit you get brand new bike
  8. In life never give up in any condition problems are temporary phase of life so never give up and not be greedy dreams never come true in one night
  9. I heared about bitcoins lighting network but have no idea about lighteing so i can give you answer that question
  10. Now a days i preffered to collect the bitcoin beacuse i think in future its demand in the market will be increased and i think its prices also increases in the future
  11. No i donot use this free beacuse i have no knowledge about it how to operat it and whay are the benefit of using this
  12. If we compare the advantages investment or collection of crypto then i preffered to invest money or crypto in different projects for get profit
  13. Yes bitcoin is dominated over the other digital currency becuase in market it has a great demand and offers for the bitcoins
  14. No idonot gives coins on valentine day becuase i had been buy a physical gift for giving this to my friend so i dont give cryptocurrency
  15. I think no bitcoin never change into the physical currency but it make working hard so goes on increases but its transection only take place in digital momet
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