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  1. Many are investing in specially in bitcoin because if you go to the backward the bitcoin price was at 6500 to 6800 and now it is 8300 that means if you invested at that you have been in profit of 1500 dollars
  2. There are many of new hopes created in our mind and we are now more motivated than before. What you guys have set any goal to achieve till the last of this year. I have a goal to
  3. Crypto forum and english language are close to each other. We can improve our english through crypto. Crypto providing us a platform for improvement of english language.
  4. I a minute ago crave to earn more earnings until the dumped turned into taking place, I design it will bounce hind for that reason I residence hold, and abruptly the sell calm dumping for this reason a lot. Therefore lesson discovered..
  5. I see many parson comment in social media that cryptocurrency is a big scammer but why they say about this every knowledge people know that cryptocurrency is master money making side in the world it is a legal side all over the world so its not a better tolk.
  6. For example, you can earn bitcoins using this forum, to begin with. And then you can invest them in other things, and earn moreYes, it is true that you can extract bitcoins, but you can also earn for example with the help of this forum
  7. I don't know if the profit will be generated in yobit after sending it, as far as I know, To get a profit from yobit, you have to trade or invest there, because yobit is not like it's an exchange.
  8. Yes i am planning to collect bitcoins because rate of bitcoin is too low... We should purchase it for investing purposes.. And will sell it when rate will high
  9. It was four years ago that my friend was talking about it and was trying to explain me how mining works, I really feel sorry for myself that I didn't invested in those times......
  10. Obviously because crypto provides an occasion to develop a job online. And in receipt of a allocation of profit, helped me with my economic problems. At slightest since near was a crypto I can give out my family a ample life.
  11. I think the main difference is that bitcoin is treated like an asset. Therefore bitcoin has a high price and is relatively unstable.And I think that is a good thing because we can get profit, but a transaction fees is a bit expensive than paying with fiat money that's why when im buying stuff i used to pay with cash than bitcoin to save money.
  12. I think this March is the point of decision making whether Bitcoin will rise or fall. We expect Bitcoin growth due to future events. Another reason I believe that bitcoin will grow is due to historical data transfer events. When Bitcoin passes the third test costing less than $ 10,000, I consider this to be; this is a pivot point.
  13. Of course it is safe. Many people are earning money from cryptocurrency. That's why I believe cryptocurrency is safe
  14. When you are paying from all sources, you should invest in trading to be handsome in a limited time. It is better to learn about trading.And I get a lot of pay. I'm very happy to get this.
  15. Hello friend, Whales are basically what it says, a whale that has huge amounts of money that can start buying or selling a coin to make it rise or drop in value, basically manipulating the market.
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