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  1. Of course, this can happen with the crypto talk forum. This forum should be online for a long time and people are very happy about this forum and they want to see the best for the long life and crypto discussion of this forum.
  2. Of course, the best for survival now, trade is not very profitable now, so we have to be really patient in order to raise prices and recover markets.
  3. I think the US government will not replace the dollar with Bitcoin because it is truly impossible and it will not be possible because Bitcoin decentralization cannot control a country and I think the US government cannot accept it.
  4. Of course, most of the sites offered in cryptocurrency are mainly through the promotion of grace, and you can see that in BitcoinTalk, AltCoinStalk and BitcoinGuard, but for me I found cryptocurrency to be more helpful.
  5. Yes, many crypto companies now offer us free crypto prepaid debit cards and now you can collect from free currency exchange with 20 CDL coins for free Join fast for only the first 50k people We can try other companies too.
  6. Yes, sometimes administrators will delete a lot of members' issues, not just because you found something illegal in it or because these topics aren't following the rules, so don't panic.
  7. Yes, thank you so much for the information you provide. From the information you have given us, we have survived a great scandal. Because of that, I don't use wire. I was aware of the adverse effect of the information you provided later.
  8. Yes, nowadays Crypto is famous for currency work because it is the only currency that works worldwide with minimal fees for transfer or withdrawal and because of this transparency it is also famous.
  9. The future of the Bitcoin world Yes it is more profitable but the stock I recommend to you but holding Bitcoin for four to five years I think it will give you good profit in the future.
  10. Yes, many casino games like this will give you a bonus, but I think it's best not to use these games or not because the number of crypto losers in these national games is high, I keep myself away from casinos.
  11. Yes, many must join, if you check the user statistics of this forum, many would join and the number would increase and therefore increase our number here and this is a good thing because we will share more knowledge as well as we pay for free in the same forum.
  12. Don't think that converting all Fiat currencies to cryptocurrency would be good, because without online transactions we need Fiat currency, and in a country's economy, all cryptos will have a big impact on the country, depending on the Fiat currency.
  13. Yes, cryptocurrency is free of control, and nobody has the ability to control Bitcoin or any other currency in the market, and the price changes are dependent on buyers and sellers, you can see very high prices in a short time, cryptocurrencies are free, this is one of the benefits.
  14. Of course, Bitcoin helps with financial problems in the future because it is likely to grow or I think it is very safe to send from one place to another.
  15. I know that in this case, sensitive love does not work with it. You are always at a loss for your money and patience but you can lose it patiently so in this case you have earned the right time.
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