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  1. I do not like to use Bitcoin in the black market because it does not cause us to make a profit.
  2. I know this is not possible. Because Bitcoin is an internet based free currency system. That is why bitcoin cannot be controlled by any person or institute, because it is better because we can make a lot of profit.
  3. I have never invested in Eobit Exchanger. I am working in cryptological forum and I am paying in Eobit Exchanger so why should I not need to invest in Eobit, and it will not do us any good.
  4. I think thanks for the good advice on sharing for Cryptotalk. These suggestions will be very helpful to us and will greatly benefit us.
  5. I know I've also heard about the Cryptorium cryptocurrency wallet. I know this wallet is a very good and very safe wallet. You can use this wallet to keep crypto, which will benefit and benefit you.
  6. In my opinion, it is considered more profitable for trading trading with BTC than itc bitcoin is not a stable currency. On the other hand, USDT trading with a stable currency stable is not profitable and it will not do you any good.
  7. I think my personal suggestion is Infinito EOS Wallet, Gray Mass Voter EOS Wallet, Lumit Wallet I am using Infinito EOS Wallet for store EOS token as I think it will be of benefit to you.
  8. I think that for cryptocurrency exchanges I always use the best exchange rates for comparison and for thirty reviews. I think it will be good for us.
  9. I think if you allow administrators to lock members up on their topic, I think it's good because it can reduce spammers. You can benefit from it.
  10. It's OK to invest money in ETN currency. Electronium (ETN) currency is very good cryptocurrency his It is a very profitable currency You can invest your money in this currency and you will be able to earn a lot of profit.
  11. I do not know what exchange manual payment method supports. I do not like the manual payment system because it does not provide profit and cannot be profitable.
  12. I know there are many good exchangers, but at the moment, YoBit Exchanger is the best cryptocurrency exchanger Yubit has very good features.
  13. I think we should be aware of the malware virus your We need to create a strong password for your account On the other hand, your account will be hacked and it will not hurt you.
  14. I think there are many reasons to lose money in cryptocurrency trading each one In trading trading, every trader needs patients to ome because trading is very easy for us to know.
  15. mamun3

    Next Bitcoin Pump ?

    I think the new years have already started. I think this month will pump the end of Bitcoin. The new month's Bitcoin is not pumping. I will pump Bitcoin soon so that we can make profit and be profitable.
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