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  1. agree with the put BTC away and forget about it. I always put away half of any BTC I make in any trade. I am waiting for a big push on BTC again and then I will cash half out. I sold at 16k when it hit 20k and I am fine with that because I was buying in the
  2. reading about predictions and analyzations of experts, but I don't think it helps, as we know because of BTC volatility and unpredicted we can't accurately pinpoint when it will drops or rise its the matter of time to monitor it and see it rising but one
  3. my friend introduce it to me alongside with forex trading, At first i was in doubt about how it was gaining value without nothing unlike fiat which is back by governments, But eventually it came into my knowledge about how it was gaining value.
  4. any gambling sites that supports the cryptocurrency too it was good because also the price of the crypto is volatile and there is a chance you can also get profit. One of the good example is the yobit theyhave their own game like the dice and pony by these
  5. of Crypto is that ,Its price is unstable. The unstability of crypto price is main issue that should must be resolved.And only due to this reason many countries are not allowing crypto. It was my point of viewCrypto Currency is the biggest invite because
  6. For example, when looking at the $ 0.25 ripple coin at the moment and comparing it with etherium and bitcoin, saying that one day it will become like them in terms of the value of one piece of it. In fact, this is not the case, as each cryptocurrency
  7. money both online and offline. But one thing had to say clearly if you ready to take a risk in your life you can play with gambling sites and there are a lot of good gambling sites are online. Some of the gamblers making big money even this time by
  8. people use crypto currency and block chain technologies here. They think that it has a future, but some adults are still think skeptically . When looking at the news and decisions that have come out and are talked
  9. using a computer at my office or home, but i do not believe that in that way i will earn a big amount and can be spend life easily. as if i start earning only crypto currencies there are rules and regulations who will prevent me to earn this type of earnings. so
  10. here.Vast amounts of Bitcoin that have been borrowed and shorted since June will start being repaid this winter. At the same time, miners will be holding back on coins in anticipation of the halving. Meanwhile, banking systems will start to show
  11. do better in the markets, i'm already in CREXcoin, from the CREX24 platform, and BNB from Binance, even if there are a lot of doubts about this last one, because there are a rumors that the total supply for this coin is more than what they are showing in their
  12. Blockchain follows principles such as transparency, and security through blocks hash. However, it's seems that China is not going to tolerate decentralized system, instead they're making theirown "digital currency" that would still be monitored,
  13. was on dark web. They only allowed payments was through bitcoins and I was so confused what Bitcoin was. You may be thinking what I was doing on dark web. Well I watched a video on YouTube about dark web and stuff and as a 13 year old kid,
  14. they can have their own wallet and you gift them which ever crypto but if you have to gift the person the wallet just to get them going them this means you have to set that up since they don't know crypto but bottom line is, they have to understand Cryptoto appreciate your gift.
  15. criminals, who could use them for money laundering and other illegal activities. According to the reconstructions of the sector authorities, cryptocurrencies can involve significant risks also with regard to scams. They therefore pose
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