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  1. Yes cryptotalk earning is enough for me. Because i have lots invest from cryptotalk and i also learn many online investment site by cryptotalk. So i think it’s enough for me.
  2. Countries That is top of Bitcoin. The United States. Canada. Australia. The European Union. In Finland, the Central Board of Taxes (CBT) has given Bitcoin a value-added tax exempt status by classifying it as a financial service. Bitcoin is treated as a commodity in Finland and not as a currency. China. Russia. Vietnam. And China is create there Own bitcoin.
  3. For success on crypto world you have to be hard work. You have to be know about crypto project. If you know about cryptocurrency properly so you can get success. Do your work properly success will be come aromaticly.
  4. At first before invest any site you have to know on this site if you don’t know about your investment site so you have to learning about it. Than see the all rules of this site. And after complete get knowledge of your investment site. So then you can be started investment.
  5. I think cryptotalk is best for earn bitcoin. By this forum many pepole earning bitcoin. I also invest bitcoin on cryptotalk. And if you don’t like to invest bitoin on cryptotalk so my suggest to you use bitcointalk.
  6. Hello my friend i am from Bangladesh. My country is a little country. But in our country lot of pepole useing crypto currency. Many pepole invest money on this from. But my country government didn’t accept cryptocurrency. If government will be accept cryptocurrency so i think our country will be rich very soon. Because It's is the best site of online investment. So i if government in our country allow cryptocurrency so our country workless pepole has got work. And country will be development.
  7. We anybody could not say about future. But by nowdays cryptocurrency is a good market place. It’s a popular site for investment. So i think crypto-currency future will be so bright. And it’s market value is up now. So we can say that cryptocurrency future is bright.
  8. If i have a time machine so at first i will see what is my position of future. Than i will see what is the position of crypto-currency on future. And i will trying to change my position in future. Than i will tell all pepole future.
  9. I think bitcoin price will ne high. Because more and more pepole useing bitcoin. And it’s is no.1 coin in the world. And it’s a profitable coin. So i think bitcoin price will be high on future.
  10. I spend my maximum time of day on cryptocurrency. Because i like to pass my time on cryptocurrency. I like to learn on cryptocurrency. And i can invest money also here. I need to complete my 30 post like 1 hours. But i am spend my maximum time of day for learning.
  11. Yes i agree with you my friend. Trading is so profitable for us. Because by trading we can invest some extra money. Because when the market will be dawon so we do not sell our cryptocurrency. And by trading when the market will be up so we sell our bitcoin. By that we can invest some more profit.
  12. New users follow in top suggest. It’s a great information for the new users. It’s hapen with all of us that we post and it’s will be not count. So follow my friend suggested to court all post. It’s a great information not for new it for all us.
  13. Yes if you are to rich on cryptocurrency. So you have to be hard work. On money earn on cryptocurrency so it’s very easy. But if you want to rich on cryptotalk so it’s only one way it’s hard work. So do hard work all time. For better investment.
  14. If about cryptocurrency we can tech on school. So it will be so good for us. Student will be know about cryptotalk. The will be know about online investment. If student can be know about cryptotalk on School so they can be more interest for cryptocurrency.
  15. I feel very good on cryptotalk. Because by cryptotalk i can invest money easily. By it i can learning many site of online investment. And like to pass my day on cryptotalk. It’s a place where we can learning and investing tow in one. So i feel very good on cryptotalk. And i love it so much.
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