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  1. if you and your brother are using two different mobile devices and using your mobile data then it should be completely okay for you both to have an account. Be careful though. If one day you both decide to log in using the same wifi router, this will immediately be deemed a violation ip address and this has the potential to be banned accou
  2. . I have tried my level best to select the best topic and tried also a useful comment. But how and why are posts getting deleted? Any one experiencing this issue? And what is the best strategy to make posta not get deleted.
  3. I want to discuss an important thing that when a newbie registers at this platform, Is he/she do not follow or read the rules? As I am seeing many of copy/paste topics are being created by newbies. What should be done in this situation?
  4. There must be an equalization. Yea, they are completely checked.Both are counted comments and post first you make 100 comments than you can make posts as wel.
  5. They shared their experiences with me and guided me.Now what i am today is all because of their sincere help andguidance.If i don't have them i will be a looser.
  6. Thanks for your suggestions. I do the same procedure. I want my payment in my Payeer account. So, first I convert my BTC balance in my USD account then transfer or withdraw to my Payeer account. It works very nicely.
  7. Creating post will always give a huge contribution to the forum and most likely, you can get good amounts of reputation if likely your post are good, informative and we'll presented to the community understanding
  8. This will give you your UID number and your account will be activated to begin earning. This is the most important thing you can do to earn revenue from this forum. Otherwise you will post with noearningsAll you need to do is set up your email account that you have registered with Cryptotal on Eobite.
  9. Yes i am sure there are some strict laws in some countries as to what you are allowed to buy with your credit card and likely bitcoin and crypto currency in general is on the black list in some of the countries. But I am sure that you can manage to get something if you buy locally but then this would be a risky thing to do as you likely can not trust that seller as much as you would a vendor like a major exchange or coinbase or something like that
  10. The most reclinabile projects that have been around for a while like bitcoin ,ethereum and xrp. These coins already have a history and are more stable. Whenyou look at new ICO's you are never sure what can happen , they could come out to be scams or could also become reliable cryptos on time. If you want to buy new coins invest small amount.
  11. I also faced this problem my 11 post got deleted I have posted all valuable comments but don't know what happened I have followed all the rules and regulations just hope this problem geys solved as soon as possible.
  12. The total number of cryptocurrency coins are 5106, markets is around 20407, market cap is at 280billion and btc domination is at 63%. The problem with CMC that not all coins are listed in CMC. And the actual no of coins maybe much higher.
  13. You have to make such comments so that everyone can understand them very easily. You will have tocomment on all your posts that will always respond. Many people will follow you. This way your reputation will grow.
  14. The cryptocurrency works through distributed ledger technology, typically a blockchain , that serves as a public financial transaction database. Bitcoin, first released as open-source software in 2009, is generally considered the first decentralized cryptocurrency.
  15. Now I have seen new free coin section on yobit. We need to share yobit if we want to get free coins.yet.i am too busy right now don't have much time to claim on faucets.but I'll try to claim it when I have time.
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