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  1. I think best crypto to invest in march is bitcoin currency.Bitcoin present price is really high.also I think its price is increasing in March.
  2. I think bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency in January month of 2020.Its present price is really good.
  3. If scammers are applying their new method then we should be aware from scammers.So,please cannot click unknown person link.
  4. If you have any question then please write question to this site.I think all the members help you.
  5. Welcome to this site.Please be aware of some things. please cannot copy other things and also cannot create multiply account on same device.
  6. yeah,I like it because by this I can understand which is our senior users and which junior users.
  7. I think it is not possible. You can transfer your yobit currency to your wallet and then you can exchange any local site to your national currency and then you can transfer to your bank account.
  8. if you want to exchange your currency to your pocket then you can take help from local exchange site. then you can easily exchange it.
  9. yeah,sometime yobit site has some problems.I think they work their site. its temporary things. I think it will correct.
  10. I think it is safe because from 2009,it providing us great service. bitcoin and cryptocurrency price is really great at now.
  11. yeah,from this site many people earn money easily and also we can discuss many topic. sometimes we can posting outside topic.
  12. for students and unemployed person it is enough. from this site,they can earn money easily.If tgey work here then they can earn per day 30k satoshi.
  13. this site payment is really good.Its payment is so quickly.Its withdraw system also so good.
  14. I cannot tell the exact number of coubtry which joined this site. I think its about 20 country joined this site.Its really amazing site for us.
  15. its really amazing site.Unemployed person can easily earn money from this site.Its good opportunity for us.
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