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  1. This is certainly not a common occurrence for Biketten Walk, an early 2021 study of the heart, once associated with Bitcoin's Bass Higher Rectification, with "communicating with students in arcane exploration."
  2. It gives you bonuses and pays you depending on your effort. This browser was used only by people whose computers they used to chill before. well thats because i make that money on my work. I want to know this info. Tokens take a while, and paid out nearly a month later. It has some sketchy extensions that modifies the address when you want to send your coins.
  3. I think, mining is like digging for gold in fact, but the matter is different in one-sided Cryptocurrencies and that the matter is done through mining devices.
  4. it's very difficult to make a useful content because old members also posted a lot of topic about this forum so this reason everyone avoid this and don't do new posts at here.....
  5. I only ask to contact those who have a huge fan base. You can share your Facebook ID in this post. So that if anyone knows they will contact you
  6. That need a very huge amount of investment. It is possible by trading but there will be high ris...this must be a joke lol i dont think its possible to make 1Btc weekly the way new cryptocurrencies are getting in business day by day the competition......
  7. bitcoin will fall and some other currency will overtake bitcoin but as far I know we are in December already can someone tell me which crypto currency presently is more than bitcoin? I have come across so many exchanges but bitcoin
  8. In the crypto markets, wash trading is also a serious issue, and a report from trading analytics platform TIE casts new light on this shadowy corner of the ecosystem.
  9. The administration of time is the significant side on the grounds that the more successful occasions we use, the more benefits that we can get. Ideally crypto holds abundance battle for the individuals...
  10. I think it's because some posts are being deleted without knowing. Spams or similar posts are being delete. I think administration is probably working on a feature like notification for delete or post. Have patience
  11. This happens every time but you should just post on posts which are good and not spammy.
  12. will be of this forum in future. But I likelihood it will in no way be stopped.
  13. In order for newbies to avoid scammers is to think first and be wise. Think that you can't earn money easily in a short period of time. Earning big money involves lots of time.
  14. I think it's against the rule. Because whole using a vpn the ip address changes from time to time. Which will cause the Admins of this forum page to bann your account.
  15. we should because through this we can improve our writing skills. I joined this trading business because of typing and writing habits
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