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  1. Well , I also prefer established coins in the market rather than new coins because most of the new coins are scandalous,And i heard New crypto projects are probably not successful now because of the existing currencies. Some scandals too.
  2. Well, Each currency has its own place, no country can drop its currency.I think,Crypto currency will always win which is the highest and best in the world these days,The use of crypto currency will increase but fiat currency will not be affected.In my opinion .crypto currency is the future. meaning there is a day in the future that we do not need physical money.
  3. Ethereum is one of the biggest currencies like Bitcoin, given the current reality, Ethereum is not a scam. It has its own blockchain, Bitcoin is currently declining which means Ethereum will also be depleted.But i can say that ethereum is also a gold crypto market.thanks
  4. Well, I've been following Bitcoin and Crypto for the past one years, so i think alt coin prices depend on Bitcoin.It is expected that Bitcoin will be in a better position next year.
  5. Well i think,The transactions we make with the use of crypto are anonymized which is a good way to conceal our identity.And The most important part is the easy transition around the world in a minute. So people are protected. Great popularity will also create innovations.
  6. Yes I also read it from a blog and I think this xrp of or any holders that may hold the large amount of xrp .I think ,This news will certainly have an impact on the XRP currency.Don't be surprised to see someone or some whales transfer their coins with lots of crypto, but notice this is an interesting event.
  7. I haven't encountered this problem. But my friends saw this problem, I know the Bitcoin Talk forum sometimes stops working,If you do nothing against the rules, you need not fear.
  8. Well, It's good but I think, I have also read an article on the blog and I think that the Government of India is not a formal announcement about it.When this currency comes on the market, they can expect a bright future. Many great people at Google come from India as far as I know.
  9. Well,It is not so difficult to convert bitcoin into youbit .You need to log in to your account then you can display the tarot option at the top. Select which currency you want hen then sell you bitcoin Please. Thank you.
  10. Yes brother ! The same thing is happening to me. I am not getting my balance in BTC balance.I was a little worried I thought this was the only one, maybe there was a problem with the system. I think the network or loading was so slow that it happened because it probably was. So worry not my friend.
  11. I think,This is obviously very informative and in fact many have had such a situation but we should not feel guilty about anything.Bitcoin is the currency of the future. Calgary bitcoin through the cloud, the hold will become.
  12. Well , I think Nakamoto idea was to revolutionize the way cryptocurrency and business do. Satoshi Nakamoto was again a financial weapon created by central banking.He was simply telling the world that he was here to give them the right to achieve what they wanted to achieve.
  13. Well ,I think this cryptocurrency world is a weird world, nothing can be said right now, but the future of Bitcoin looks good to me.And Bitcoin and its cryptocurrency are a future, Tea Future who is Bright.This will be part of our observations and tests will be forthcoming. All the best.
  14. I don't know right ans this quiess: but I think,it will increase and decrease for the correlation several times before it is semicircular.And I think Bitcoin’s next move will be obsolete many times. So i am confuiesd
  15. I think ,Offer must be thought of as a good return for anyone who can invest as bitcoin that cannot be expected from gold.And Easy for us Regarding prices, it depends on you as the holder, wants the highest profit, you can buy bitcoin and hold it in the long run.The price of gold is almost the same throughout the year and is very stable but on the other hand bitcoin, pumps and dumps occur.So i support bitcoin.
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