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  1. If you do not post well then there will be a problem because the posts that count will show in yobit and those that are not considered to be correct are not counted in yobit. If you post well then of course your post will count.
  2. with more people involved but still only the ~6 blocks an hour meant there wasnt enough reward for everyone to get a reward regularly. so with higher cost to mine and less chance of a success. buying the coin was cheaper than mining it.
  3. Today you can buy anything with btc, the only question is how fast will you find a seller with a good offer. But with some time and efforts put in, you will eventually find it. However, btc is really much more an investment tool than a currency. Bitcoin is more a crypto commodity.
  4. it seems that many people's predictions about the rise in bitcoin prices in q4 this year are wrong, or has it not yet begun, I just hope that there's still a chance in the future.
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