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  1. I dont know about this....because i didnt face this prblm yet can txt them those how are senior here.....!!they can help you i hope
  2. I dont know there is an atm for bitcoin....its good idea!if its true i think that there is a situation for converting bitcoin to a currency like the dollar.
  3. Yeah its true!!!!I am also facing same prblm!!from yesterday....what happen!!it taking lots of time to post....its so friends most comment are deleted for this prblm ! Cant post te replis properly
  4. I am also facing same prblm!!from yesterday....what happen!!it taking lots of time to post....its so friends most comment are deleted for this prblm
  5. frnd also cant get register!he was trying twice/thrice...but she cant!! What is the problm.... Can anyone say it
  6. It really not!!because no one controls Bitcoin, which is an independent, online based,non-government currency, but its price is controlled by who has the largest amount of it.....!!!
  7. is!!!because you cant survive here without information here!! There many info of this site.....gaining full knowledge it takes times.....if want to expertise here u gain full of knowledge
  8. Yeah crypto is deep as sea.many people work here but every people are not understand crypto clearly,it took time to understand these thing!!! if a man invest or business crypto coin they should be achieve crypto knowledge!!!
  9. Sry.....I have no idea of this yobit exchange because i didnt use it yet!!but i know yobit platform is special..there a lot of waiting opportunies and we must grab them all.
  10. Every new year will begin and new year 2020 we expect something better.Crypto has the respond to that and container be a lovely liquid in provisos of selection the earth economy. 2020 will be very help full for every Crypto user .
  11. Yes it changed our life in more advantag.One of them is that at the technological level I have learned a lot as a function of the blockchain and understand that it has more applications than we know and many other thing
  12. In my country,the people don't know about my country lack of advertising they don’t getting to know about it!!!
  13. Thanks for information....It's really very useful info.....for begainner its very important.... So....thanks again
  14. Ethereum is a accomplished coin but in my's almost impossible for him to get exorbitant prices in 2021, but new companies can work with ETH-supplied technologies in 2022, so it's time to buy and save friends, Ethereum is a good currency!!!!good luck
  15. In the crypto globe every self crack to wealthy in brief characterize and he make use of shortcut to achive.The key to success is hard work, and commitment. Which these three qualities I'm certain you would break many barriers in life....
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