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  1. Yes you are correct man your online money go to your online wallet and you transfer your money your local wallet.
  2. Yes I agree with you man there you can invest some of coins and get some 1% daily and lastly for betting you can bet on yopony .
  3. Yes you are right the same thing of my to trade and make some cool cash in the Bitcoin exchange is easy and certain.
  4. Yes you are right I am agreed this makes it more transparent then the site owner and gives you more control.
  5. Yes I agree with you man that is why they not afraid of Bitcoin and have allowed trading and storing of crypto.
  6. Yes the same thing of my he may have disappeared from the public but most likely he is alive and following the events of crypto would.
  7. Yes I agree with you man if trading is good or if you have some decent investment or minig sites and you have some capital.
  8. Yes man you are correct you can apply that same stategy with any trading amount and any profit targets as you will constantly put profit away for future price hikes.
  9. Yes man I am agree with you there are factors they apply for thier coins which on the off chance that you don't comprehend .
  10. Yes you are right the same thing of my if there will come a situation when all Bitcoin is mined then there should be probability of extinction of Bitcoin.
  11. Yes man you are correct by that you can preserve your account and can get back your credibility as a member of a forum.
  12. Yes man I'm agree with you Japanese command has before now laid our convention pertaining the transaction of crypto conversation .
  13. Yes man you are right same opinion of my trading is one of the best to earn but if you don't have knowledge in what you are doing then you must not do it .
  14. Yes I agree with you man next factor is how good we take care our wallet because for successful activity.
  15. Yes man you are right I am agree with you this gentleman transform the humankind from BTC and nonetheless no in a row of his depiction how he looks and someplace he goes .
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