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  1. Video games Is mostly played by the youth and I think youth supports the cryptos because they can easily earn from it.
  2. I would say that best completing sites for crypto earning is that cryptotalk forum and bitcointalk forum because you can easily earn a quite good amount of money out of it.
  3. Ripple is one of the most stable coin in the crypto market moreover I think that within the end of 2020 it will surely reach 1$.
  4. Big companies like apple and other companies will surely adopt cryptos to promote their brands as well in upcoming future.
  5. Bitcoin is illegal in asian countries because governments are afraid of pushing their countries in war for money laundering and terrorism.
  6. Right now I am having a fun day with crypto platform because I can earn a very good amount of money through it.
  7. crypto is one of the finest paltform to earn as well gain knowledge about the crypto trading from the earlier stage of youth life.
  8. Obviously it's safe to keep the information and other things safe in this crypto platform .because millions of dollars is invested here just to make it secure the wallets.
  9. From my perspective i would say that only ethereum have chances to beat btc in the upcoming years because eth have a good market value now.
  10. I think India cannot make such precious coin which can be compared with the Bitcoin itself because till now there is no such coin to deal with btc.
  11. I think indicator doesn't always goes with us so I recommend it's better not to depend on it fully rather it's better to use own skills while trading.
  12. I almost spend 2hours of my life in a day in this crypto paltform and I can earn upto 3dollars just by posting and rest by trading 5-7 $.
  13. China and England are afraid of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies due to money laundering and other illegal issues.i think if this can be stopped they might change their decision.
  14. I would definitely store it on some of my wallet with some particular coins so that I can get some good profit out of it.beside this I would say I am not so lucky to have it.
  15. the precious coin Bitcoin is created by the Satoshi nakamoto who is hidden himself from allover the world because of hatred.
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