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  1. I wanted to make my own coins. And want to find out if my coin project can be accepted in the market later. But that was just a dream. I am still new to this world.
  2. You can become rich by coding, as it is a wide field, but continuous work is required to reach a result. We cannot talk about wealth without work and diligence.
  3. Dont panic and still patient for BTC, now BTC going down very fast, its time to HOLD or buy more and more again BTC and save at save place, maybe next year BTC will go moon again maybe more higher and higher
  4. I cоnсur thаt the primary issuе you shоuld do аs а tеnderfоot is to сultivate some loоse cаsh frоm fаucets. With thеse сash you mаy bе cаpable hоnе with wallets, ехсhаngеs аnd trades
  5. Yes. People like to dream, I tend and everyone wants to win more. We can easily earn more revenue by doing this, but things do not seem to exist on such a site.
  6. altcoin was meant to make a daily profit, not a long process. The altcoin was not good for your health to do a long process of time !! But don't worry, the price of Bitcoin will rise again in December so you can do a long process with Bitcoin.
  7. As 2020 is nearer,what we expected all crypto currencies like bitcoin, ethereum and other coins to be in greater position through which many people would achieved their aims and objectives to derive their satisfaction
  8. These are good tips to avoid theft and fraud. They try to defraud in all ways. They also steal all the currencies from the wallet they are resorting to. They are fake viruses. So be careful and follow the available means to protect ourselves.
  9. These are good tips to avoid theft and fraud. They try to defraud in every way. They also steal all the currencies from the wallet they are entering. They are dangerous viruses, so be careful and follow available methods to protect ourselves.
  10. Yes, you can work in cryptography, and you love this work, and you are happy to do something that you find enjoyable and enjoyable, while at the same time making profits from it, the crypto market provides the pleasure of exploration and investment.
  11. It is not possible to compare between the cryptocurrency and the regular currency that we use in exchanges because the cryptocurrency is intended for trading while the normal is to switch because it is stable
  12. There are currently many airdrops where the real and the scamer exist, but most of them are still useless and a waste of time only, so it is necessary to check carefully before sharing.
  13. This will help many young people earn a decent income and help boost the country's economy and development. Therefore, alternative solutions must be found to today's economic problems, including acceptance of encrypted trading,
  14. YouTube is considered a social media, so it is very popular, and if you use encryption, this is considered good and a quantum leap for digital currencies.
  15. There are many websites that provide news and data about cryptography, and many forums are very useful that you should participate in to understand the market and its requirements.
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