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  1. Essentially a wallet is like your online bank account platform, your address is like your account number, the blockchain is like the bank’s ledger, and with custodial wallets the custodian is a bit like your banker
  2. Electrum is a light weight Bitcoin wallet for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Electrum was created in November 2011. The main features of Electrum are: support for hardware wallets (such as TREZOR, Ledger Nano and KeepKey), and secure Bitcoin storage using an offline computer. Electrum is a good option for both beginners and advanced users.
  3. The concept of the mobile wallet is the same as an online wallet except for it works only on mobile devices. Basically, there is a cryptocurrency wallet application in the Google Play store and Apple store which works on mobile devices only. The mobile wallet is getting famous day by day because of mobile traffic. We all know that the majority of people are already shifting from computer to mobile, that’s why people now prefer to have a mobile wallet for cryptocurrencies.
  4. Investing or saving? Then a hardware wallet will keep your coins safe. Otherwise, a software wallet will send and receive bitcoins & crypto just fine. Best of all, software wallets are free. Each wallet has pros and cons, and different wallets are built to solve different problems.
  5. MyEtherWallet is a decent option if you decide to use a web wallet as it gives you the ability to access and write smart contracts. It also allows you to connect with Ledger Nano X or Trezor to access your Ether safely within MyEther platform.
  6. Exodus is a relatively new desktop wallet and in addition to its advanced features, what sets it apart from other wallets is that is very easy to use and extremely intuitive. Any beginner can complete a transaction or operate in an easy to understand step-by-step manner. It supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux platforms.
  7. When you day trade you’re trying to take advantage of cryptocurrency price fluctuations that typically happen within a day. Though, you can also do swing trades which will happen over a series of a few days or even a couple of weeks. Often times these are smaller gains, but they can quickly add up if you have a lot of coins.
  8. The most important decision you need to take is to choose cryptocurrencies that have great volatility and great liquidity. Try to choose those cryptocurrencies that have good liquidity and volatility. There are more than 1600 cryptocurrencies and by following only the top cryptocurrencies, you’ll decrease your range of choice. Day trading more miniature cryptocurrencies can also be a highly profitable venture, but there are greater risks. Crypto prices can drop just as fast as they have grown.
  9. to do well in trading, your first step is to jump on a free Gap Analysis strategy session with an expert trader. This conversation will help you understand your financial foundation and build a custom investment plan catered to your goals. Next, use these tips to help you dive head first into the future of investing.
  10. Trading bitcoin for profit is actually a universal cryptocurrency trading strategy. It can be used to trade any of the 800-plus cryptocurrencies available to trade as of today. If you’re not already familiar with cryptocurrencies it’s best to first start with a brief introduction.
  11. you have some money that you want to invest. How are you going to go about it? The portals which connect our world to the crypto-worlds are called “exchanges.” There are a lot of exchanges out there, however, before you choose to invest in one, there are certain things you need to look out for. Let’s call this the “Exchange Checklist.”
  12. Trading long term will give you confidence that you made the best choice based on the information you had available to you at the time. You won’t always be ‘right’.But you will have conviction in your ability to make good decisions — and over time the payback will be a high yielding equity curve — with little effort.
  13. invest in cryptocurrencies in the form of CFDs and you could take advantage of price changes. The cryptocurrency market is constantly expanding and provides many opportunities to informed online traders. We’ve added this popular, revolutionary instrument to our hundreds of other CFD instruments which include shares, commodities, indices, currency pairs and ETFs, all of which you could choose to trade with leverage, while benefitting from free information resources and updates
  14. Are you still asking the spiritual powers to help you win one million dollars in the lottery? Take your future into your hands and go to Jack – FortuneJack. FortuneJack is the group suggesting a great number of casino games to people from all over the world. Such variety of games you will never find anywhere. On the website, you can find more than 500 games to roll the dice, chill out, experience new emotions and get your mind off work.
  15. Bounties are quite similar to airdrops, in the sense that they represent free coins given away by crypto project developers. There’s one key difference, however – bounties generally imply that you do some type of work in exchange for the coin.
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