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  1. @epidemia you said yesterday to remind you about my issue that i'm not receiving payouts im still not receiving and the issue is still not resolved ,please tell me which rules and regulations have i violated.
  2. @epidemia most of my posts are from yesterday,i heard people receive their rewards after 4hours but mine has been more than 24hours ,i just want to know that whether i unintentionally violated any rules or what that im not paid . thanks
  3. just came to know about this competition ,saw my yobit only 3000sats , can you please check it @epidemia
  4. yes boss 🙂 i haven't been on a date in years... haven't really been trying, just on and off on this app and i got matched today with a cutie and hormones kicked in lol
  5. damn bro, nice you can be my other dad i need tips i'm such a scrub i honestly believe having a family is what man was made for, some people say you shouldn't have kids, and sure , you might not, but that defeats the purpose of life
  6. leave that shit im gonna date the shit outta this girl and buy us a mansion with my rsr profits why won't she message me backkkkk
  7. which contest are you talking about?
  8. as they say "1BTC=1BTC" and i learned this the hard way ,but i totally agree with you these things makes us better smarter and stronger , best of luck to you too
  9. as i said earlier bro whatever i buy starts going down , my portfolio is down more than 200% in the last few months ,i regret selling my bitcoin and Ethereum
  10. LOL we are never getting back to those old days ,ahhhh
  11. yeah, 2018 spring until july was fun almost for everyone who invested into crypto but it was the opposite much different this year i got reeeeekt , but as you said earlier day trading is not for everyone (not for me)
  12. im so anxious alts trading ruined me financially and mentally aswell i don't even care about crypto anymore and i once told myself that i would never say those words but i just did it folks 😁
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