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  1. Your expectation were right bitcoin price down for 6000$ and bitcoin price still going down for Corona virus. But many days ago bitcoin price were raised for 10k
  2. Bitcoin can't buy an auction and I had not buy any amount of bitcoin. But we can easily buy bitcoin from exchange sites there are lots of exchanges sites which are more easy
  3. You are right bitcoin price increase is a good things because with bitcoin price we can get some profit. And market going up in short time also. Altcoins season then came
  4. I have used some bitcoin faucets websites there we can earn some BTC easily. But we can't earn a huge amount with faucets. Our beginning time we like to work there
  5. Bitcoin future price can be around 50k but bitcoin will take more times to touch this amount. Still lots of people don't know about bitcoin so at first it need some times
  6. We all know that all the crytpo currency price change with bitcoin price changes. After BTC havling I believe that altcoins price will raise. Because BTC will overtake 10k
  7. Sometimes China control the bitcoin price but bitcoin does not depend on china as fully. Because there has more investors to all around the world. So bitcoin doesn't depend on china
  8. As I know bitcoin has not any legal documents even we don't know anything about the creator of bitcoin. So any government don't want to accept bitcoin as legally
  9. I believe that bitcoin won't be fail anytime. If there are not bitcoin we can't see any altcoins to the crytpo market. Day by day crytpo world will be finished
  10. I like to trade with short period around one day I wait for my profit or losse. But I invest a bigger amount when bitcoin gone down and wait for the pump every day BTC pumping
  11. Bitcoin already became so much popular to the all people and some altcoins need to be popular like bitcoin. Eth LTC will raise like bitcoin in future and there price also goes up
  12. For the corona virua bitcoin price going down and altcoins price also going down. Otherwise bitcoin were touch 20k within this few days. So that is really unexpected
  13. I prefer to everyone invest in bitcoin and altcoins. Though anyone can't control there price but we can make money with them. Just make a plan to invest in lower price and sell them with higher price
  14. We can't describe the necessary of bitcoin for a exchange site. Any exchange can't survive without bitcoin. And we should exchange all the altcoins with bitcoin
  15. If you want to find a secure way to convert your bitcoin into native currency then you have to exchange your crytpo to a exchange site. I suggest yobit exchange for you
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