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  1. yes , i also think that the price will go up due to the bitcoin bull run , and the price might go over 14000 dollars in the end of this year
  2. right now if you rely on bots you might lost a lot of money , but in the future i hope someone makes an artificial intelligent bot that can help
  3. very good post , humility is very important and greed might make you lose a lot of money , so i agree 100 percent
  4. i think no one knows for sure but it is a possibility so we will see , cause if it can get the keys then bitcoin and crypto will be over and the fiat would have won
  5. i think you should do your research on the coin to find out , also look for the development team behind it and the features of the coin and what are it's technology
  6. i think that cryptocurrencies is safer as the bitcoin and crypto cannot be inflated , due to the limited amount just like gold
  7. in my opinion binance is the best exchange out there , as is secured and covered , when they got hacked the covered the loses , also yobit is very good
  8. i am currently a long term holder , as it is the safest investment , also i write posts here in cryptotalk , so these are my priorities
  9. i think that there will be a bull run in 2020 as bitcoin will recover from the previous fall , and it will reach 14000 in the end of 2020
  10. crypto and the stock market are not related , i think that crypto will replace fiat money in the future not stock market
  11. i think the founder/founders was inspired by the financial crises and they saw the inflation that could happen , and decider to make coin with a limited amount of it
  12. in my opinion , faucets are not worth your time , and they don't pay much , also there is a lot of scam sites that don't even pay
  13. i gain a lot of knowledge from youtube and i think that they will take back what they deleted and unban the crypto channels and videos
  14. i think all altcoins prices depend on bitcoin price , and there will be a bull run in 2020 and i the price of btc will be more than 14000
  15. i think that there will be a bull run in 2020 and the price will be more than 14000 dollars in the end of the year so be patient
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