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  1. We need to calm down and take as much profit as we can while we always to analyze the price to buy bitcoin at a low price so we can sell it when bitcoin price increase. I think we can do that if we keep analyzing so, we can find the right time to buy bitcoin.
  2. If I continue claiming them from multiple sites,, one day their amount will be big enough for me to use in investing or trading. Such a big thank you crypto world is existing and keeps evolving.
  3. If you want to earn you have to take the risk of investing.Bitcoin has an impressive volatile trade, you can secure a lot of money if it suffers a considerable increase. as you can lose everything too. We could obtain better profits if we make compound interest.
  4. Since I see and observe that the country accepting Bitcoin is getting wider and the price of Bitcoin is growing extremely, this situation will enable all investors in our country to earn more money, and in the near future, I think, Bitcoin will become like US dollars that can be use in transactions around the world.
  5. The security of bitcoin is a great victory for it if we consider the fact that everyone can see the balance of any bitcoin wallet but no one can hack it! Bitcoin has done a great job of bridging the gap between buyers and sellers online by offering a peer to peer payment system without limitations or restrictive regulations.
  6. There are many people who accept bitcoin only as an investment, some are prohibited because usually every country has a personal interest so that if bitcoin is prohibited in a country, it might threaten. element. country stability.
  7. Maybe by using stable coins it can be done not to mention various different state regulations, so I guess at least we need to wait a few more years even though there are already some atms that accept bitcoin.
  8. The transaction of bitcoin never controlled by anyone so there is very less chance of hacking and and the whales effect. That is the reason they adopted bitcoin instead of that.
  9. I wanted to enter a sales order over the current price, I entered a purchase order. At the end of the day, I have understood that even though all of them have been an experience for me, it is not very cheap to get these experiences.
  10. I am searching for how to make money online then suddenly a person from facebook he knocks me and told me about that. The first time I didn't believe that but after earning money I believe on it and still, I am with crypto.
  11. Try to teach people about wallet security issues. But the problem is that it often happens to companies that supposedly have great security protocols. And yes, this kind of news makes the new members move away.
  12. Actually it is not good to initiate in any investment including in trading that's why if i know that movement of bitcoin is decreasing then i just hold it until the price gets higher and sell it at a reasonable price.
  13. Maybe you tube only adopt blockchain technology to support their financial payment but not use crypto. You tube can decide what they need to keep running, so give them time and see you next year.
  14. Maybe YouTube is the number one in the world, cryptocurrency may be spreading along with them but in the days ahead, so I think youtube. May be involved in cryptocurrency.
  15. We already think our post is good because it's already counted on forums and not deleted, but sometimes it's not enough for yobit. therefore, making a post that can be counted by yobit is a big challenge for me.
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