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  1. Yes it's a good thing that as the time passes .....the new & more virtual coin project are counting in & coming to the market to make this place & good economy for the people all over the world., Hence let's enjoy the festivities & let's get into it. Have a great day.
  2. I think so that it all depends on the work time of the user and the time dedication he is to the faucets.... The more willingly he will work , the more constant income he will get from the faucet... Also he must be continuously do the work to increase in the level and get more money.
  3. I'd don't know about what shall happen next because in my family i m the only user who uses this site and also I am accessing it with my cellular data & not using WiFi ...so there won't be any issue of having the same ip address... Thank you..
  4. All I can say is that u shall first watch YouTube video and also claim some of the free faucet's.... Try money earning game and always play without investment ... Don't click on external & unknown links... Try trading in exchanges with low volume of coins... Thank you.
  5. Some of the users in the telegram. Group use to share the malicious links that are usually the traps laid by the hackers to loot the innocent users & steal their private information and then take all the money from their wallets ... Be aware & be safe.
  6. Most of us including me use the various btc faucets to earn some amount of btc coins because it's absolutely free & good that u need to spend some of.ur time to get this done so that u secure ur future and then live ur life happily. Thank you
  7. harinryn001

    Is mining dead?

    The mining is very good & I don't think so it's gonna be the end of it soon. Because u can gain more & more profit from the mining program & get more rich over & over again just by using a couple of device and also having a good maintenance of the device... please purchase ASIC miners for good results. Thank you
  8. I think so that the dogecoin is the most easily mineable coin in the present time....though it has a low value & rate but it's better that the difficulty of this coin is low & it can be mined very fast as compared to the btc....hence I prefer dogecoin mining as profitable.
  9. It seems to me that if we don't have the required hardware and the device to. Perform.major mining operations then we must switch to the alternative method such as that of cloud mining and it's also very profitable.. Thank you.
  10. Mining is a good thing that u can perform even while sleeping and just earn passive money in return so that all u can do is just set up lots of laptops, computers & mobile connection to the internet & run the software & just sit on the sofa & get money.. Thank you
  11. That seems it to be selling the miners to the users so that they too can make more profit from mining the btc using the miners like ASIC...the ghs that will be provided by the machine is amazing & will soon turn btc as a good value for money. Thank you
  12. harinryn001

    BTC Mining

    Btc is a good coin to invest into ... because u get the higher return the more u invest in it... Btc is a coin that u should start mining... Making mining at ur own house make u the mining very easy &u can control the speed of mining & also cut down the cost. Thank you.
  13. If ur computer gets heated up to a very high temperature then it is very big problem for u because it can blow up the whole device & u will suffer heavy loses....so it's always better to choose a cloud mining rather than computer or hardware mining. Thank you
  14. Some of the good mining sites that offer cloud mining services to their customers are minergate and nicehash... Both of them are good in their own way & gives quality return on the investment...have a safe investment... Good luck.
  15. harinryn001

    Is mining dead?

    The mining I still not dead yet & it's till the end of the century that will be running successfully and bringing profits to.all the users & miners in it's network sharing pool...it's just very easy to.set up a mining rig or set up a mining platform.. Thank you.
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