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  1. I would always go for ethereum if litecoin and bitcoin id it of the choices because not only is ether a well performing coin but it is also a very well known and popular cin which has the support and usage of many users in this community
  2. I really want to try and at least achieve 1 btc because I have goal for it for the amount that its going to be equivalent to my country's money and also support myself in school and get through with the rest of my days learning before getting a job
  3. I think the easiest way to teach people about crypto currency and the blockchain system is by using examples which they are already familiar with, like fiat money and the banks. This would it easier to let them understand
  4. Ill happily be in both world because not only does the crypto world sparked interest in me but also the fiat currency that we have always been using to access and purchase the daily needs. I think its a fair balance
  5. Nope. I dont think anything in line with business is a get rich quick strategy, I think its about being wise and creating better opportunities for youself and create a better impact in the community with better and more advanced information
  6. Yeap its recovering but its also decreasing at time but the important thing is its actually trying to get back on its feet with its normal value but hopefully after a few months its totally recover and be highly valued again
  7. Usually there are complain and stated experiences here that their wallet was being hacked and they couldnt retrieve it which is a bummer. I think there are many scammer out their that earns through stealing from other wallets
  8. How then when this is actaly true then bitcoin has stepped their security hugher with their security system and also way of transaction. i think it would become something very business and personal when you start sending it with your email
  9. Its very hard to reach that price now specially when bitcoin is experiencing such crisis wherein the price drop was up to 4k and it was devastating to users, maybe in the later times that value wouldnt be impossible
  10. Its only natural that bitcoin serves plenty things being done in a convenient and timely manner, because it is created to access and allow transaction in every country which to me is such a big opportunity for advancement in personal assets and such
  11. Ethereum amongst plenty of amazing and well performing coins such as ripple and litecoin, has come second after bitcoin with a satisfying value in the market and also faster transaction handled. I think its only natural that ether is being labeled as the father f alt coins
  12. Bitcoin wont end just yet, i guess its too early to end something that serves a very great futuristic value, I think for now the best thing is to purchase coins in this low price because bitcoin will eventually recover one day
  13. The future can become very unpredictable and the year 2050 is still to far for us to have a clear prediction of bitcoin because as we know now even the price of bitcoin and what bitcoin is today is very hard to determine
  14. I very much agree with this, as a student its very hard to control time specially when you are in university that does not have a fixed schedule and classes could be schedule anytime when the prof wants to
  15. Its only natural for crypto to really undergo this fluctuating value where the price is decreased and also increased. That is the challenge specially when you are into trading with this coins because that will test your capabilities as traders and investors
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