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  1. im sorry about what happened to your friend and its the worst thing to happen for a trader but to be careful you must have a seperate email for crypo and another for friends and family but remember to never click on anything on your email that you dont know.
  2. yes, i ever keep my coins in an exchanger once. i keep it for a long time. they've updated their wallet and i never checked my email to find some updates, then my balance become zero. also some exchanger is easy to hack by some hacker.
  3. i was not in the crypto in 2016 and 2009 so i was missed the chance to enter in the crypto if i join in 2009 now i will be billionaire but i listened about crypto very late so i missed that oppertunity to join in 2009
  4. To get bitcoin there are several ways, namely through the free bitcoin faucet, mining bitcoin (bitcoin mining), trading (bitcoin trade), bitcoin games, bitcoin investment (bitcoin investment), bitcoin online business and so forth. and it must all be done patiently.
  5. i didn't invest in ico because i think it is so risky. but i participated on many ieo on yobit and made a good profit. thank you yobit team for bringing great ieo for us
  6. Crypto currencies is unstoppable because for me some businesses accepted crypto coins to avoid taxes. And most of all a digital type of information is hard to manipulate because sometimes its untraceable like crypto.
  7. I also pay my employees with bitcoin i have small shop where people can buy or sell bitcoin to fiat with some fee imposed of course, and i pay my 2 employees with bitcoin.
  8. Own a decent amount of bitcoin well I will find a good a exchange that have some investment box the gives you yearly interest and invest half and use the rest of trading, the want I invest will be for back just in case trading don't go well.
  9. Probably, crypto doesn't holds any obligation though you can pass through it and forget it but when the time you want to go for this again you will notice it is just the same but more innovated. Though value is not in stable condition where it can be increasing or dropping down.
  10. Lets be honest many of us have modest balances and id rather put that in high risk investment to get rich quick or lose it all trying.
  11. The market looks bullish, Bitcoin took the lead with in a few hours and etheruem follow Bitcoin, many altcoins will also follow, this may the start of the bull run.
  12. Faucet is a name for sites that provide free Bitcoin to users every time they successfully meet certain requirements, such as: watching advertisements, answering surveys, playing games, etc. Faucet means a website that provides a free Coin within 5 minutes to 1 hour depending on the site owner.
  13. I know many different types of coins but I've really invested in BTC, ETH, so maybe just introduce you to them, it's quite safe at the moment.
  14. And we also always be ready to loss, never invest what you cant afford to loss.I mean be ready for the times that you may lose lots of the investment
  15. Depends on what coins you hold. Look for the top 10 coins in the coin market cap. Because the Top 10 crypto coins have potentially bright future. But if you buy the garbage coin you only will get the loss.
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