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  1. Sadly to say, not yet i didn't tell this about to my boyfriend because i want to test this and to make a proof that it is legit and if i already make an withdrawal then i can tell this to my boyfriend.
  2. I think the reason why do people start and buy bitcoin because the world now is advance and most of jse bitcoin especially in business bitcoin also existing now.
  3. Well i think it is because when you are using bitcoin yes you are earning money it is good for you but also you are also wasting electricity.
  4. Its so sad to hear that there are prople who wants to scam other people and thats right we want some evidence in that case and so far i didn't encounter a scammer.
  5. Hahaha i also encountered that my post didnt reach in 100 characters and someone notice it, i think its better to have a count in below in the text box so that we know how many character we already did.
  6. Im also a newbie here i want some info about here in cryptalk to avoid any violations or give us some tips to earn faster or tips to avoid any violations, thanks.
  7. Me too, i already did the 50 pts for the registration and i have 3points now but when i check my account in yobit only 1 point was counted were did the other 2 point?
  8. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about this it is so useful now i know how to secure my wallet or now i know the procedure of securing my wallet.it is a big help for us in here.
  9. Thank you for the great info, now i know how to do it but for now i will not going to use it but hope so to not use it to someone. Because i dont want to be rude to that specific person.
  10. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about making best articles. Now i know how to make best article by what you have stated. And also you have a point every article required to have any usefull content.
  11. Lou

    Lost of private key

    If you lost your private key in your wallet acount there have a ways to take it back or to recover it we a wallet recovery system that will help you on this issue ang if you recover it take care of this next time.
  12. How to learn cryptocurrency? Well there a lot of a tutorial about it in social media platforms you will learn upon on it at if you still dont get it, theres a lot of person around you using it, tell them that you want to learn about it.
  13. Lou

    Wallet Privacy

    In terms of wallet privacy we have password to make it safe also if you dont want your wallet been use be unauthorised person so you better keep it there's a lot of ways that a site giving you to make your wallet private and safe.
  14. The safer bitoin wallet? For me it is the paypal because it is more secured than the others and many people have tested it, it not just tested but also trusted.
  15. Well i think the banks are scared about bitcoin because they didn't know how to manage bitcoin because it is new to them and it might be a scam so they prefer coins than this.
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