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  1. sounds stupid, but that's the fact. the fact is there are still many people who try to predict in various ways. but I agree with you that the price of bitcoin is unpredictable. a new lesson is to buy when there are negative issues and wait for positive news to determine the time to sell.
  2. There's no pain in holding and less stress especially when you see the market declining.Im a hodler for long term that's my strategy with my coins, I actually set a target price on when to sell and if my expected value didnt reach in the moment I had to take profit then I will continue to hold.
  3. people love to think about those kind of prices because they know that their bitcoin holdings are small and they would like to think they also have a chance to become millionaires in the future, but deep down they know the truth unless something huge happens to the economy that forces people to look for alternative ways to move their funds the chances that bitcoin reaches such a high price during the next years are zero.
  4. Ethereum is a favorite coin and has a market that has been formed. Lots of platforms that support Ethereum and that makes public confidence better. I also agree that Ethereum is the number two coin after Bitcoin. Quality, market share and the number of users Ethereum has formed a high level of confidence in Ethereum. So there is no reason for us not to invest in Ethereum. everyone who has a Bitcoin will surely have Ethereum as another coin.
  5. In my country cryptocurrency is not officially recognized, you can own cryptocurrency but do not have the right to publicly use it. And most people lack the knowledge of cryptocurrency, so they do not have a good view of it.
  6. I've earned more than enough for my needs,most probably in the near future i could achieve what i want and make my family as my motivation to pursue what i have planned if time permits that i could become more successful in this kind of business.I think its a matter of luck,hardwork and dedication inorder to achieve my goals with bitcoin.
  7. After bounty becomes erratic work, and ICO investment becomes a scary thing one of the best ways to get crypto is to become a trader. or doing both being a bounty hunter and becoming a trader is the best choice for me. mining for me is too expensive.
  8. I had an interesting way, I started trading in crypto-currencies about a year ago, and lost a lot of money last May, due to lack of experience and lack of patience. Now, a year later, I just repulsed my initial investment.)
  9. So you say, and with such confidence too. If the current momentum continues, what you wrote could well be true but I've been into bitcoin long enough to expect the unexpected. Some bad news pops up and boom, the trend can reverse itself.
  10. It seems to them that in this way they will have time to do something right. But after many months or years, they begin to understand that in order to become rich enough to do just two things in one year - buy bitcoin at the right time and then sell it on the very top.Many people do not understand this. Once they find out that there is such a thing as bitcoin, they try to invest their money as soon as possible.
  11. In 2020 it is estimated that all Bitcoin will be finished mined and at that time there will be no more mining Bitcoin, everyone will focus on using Bitcoin in life, this is the reason why the price of Bitcoin will continue to increase in the future.When Bitcoin is increasingly in demand, the price of Bitcoin will increase.
  12. Don't be deceived by many projects that claim to be real or have good team, extensive research must be carried out by anyone who wants to succeed in this space.Absolutely, everyone should think of security and safety first when venturing into cryptocurrency
  13. Less volatile means more stable giving you a lesser chance of losing money. Also, a lot of marketplace are accepting the top 3 coins that I've mentioned. In future, more demands are expected with these coins.It's quite riskier rather than holding BTC, ETH, and XRP. These top 3 coinmarketcap coins are less volatile than the example coins you've said.
  14. Imagine a big company like amazon accepting cryptocurrency. Trust will be built and people will have interest on it and price will increase because of the demand.If this happens it will be the start of BTC being accepted worldwide
  15. If the bitcoin's mining price will be halved, is there a possibilities that there would still be an entity that will be interested in mining? Because of fees, people might be discouraged to run mining systems because of high cost of power and low return of fund. In that case, there will be less and less miners in the market, poor transactions will happen, what is your opinion about it?
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