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The long term of Bitcoin !!! 

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On 4/14/2020 at 7:23 PM, abualez said:

Im'  here at the cryptotalk forum and I feel fun diving into all the topics related to the bitcoin world..but today, by browsing on the internet I passed on one of the topics that made me curious to know that ... which is # division of Bitcoin  "it might be This information is outdated information for some of you, gentlemen, but for me it is interesting information and for this I wanted to share it with you and share it for beginners in the cryptotalk forum ...
Through my reading on this topic, I understood that the division and reduction of bitcoin every four years by currency programmers came to protect this currency from the impact of its future inflation, and for this reason a specific value was set for Bitcoin production, which amounts to 21 million bitcoins, which are produced by mining, Which will be completed by 2140, and therefore the mechanism for this is that in order to reach the maximum set in 21 million Bitcoin which is the total production distributed in the form of rewards to its members who dismantled the blocks by mining or transferring rewards, they are distributed according to the theory of decay .. !!

Ooo, Thanks for acnolage me i hear this before from some one in past few years ago i almost forget this session thanks alot for reminding the 2140 keep donating thanks a lot bro .

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