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Play Tap Fantasy and get money$

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Hello everyone, today I’ll tell you about the game in the Tapfantasy-ton tag

with the opportunity to earn real money

devoting a minimum of time

Link for registration: REF(for those who are grateful, I will always help with advice, etc.)
not a ref there are always those, but I’ll try to help you too
And so a little precondition:


Official launch of TAP Fantasy - the very first major MMORPG gaming bot on TON

- Metaverse Tap Fantasy registration in bot
- Since 2017, the Tap Fantasy team has been developing first-class HTML5 games. Now Tap Fantasy is extending that passion into the realm of blockchain gaming. Tap Fantasy has built a strong foundation with over 20 million users worldwide.
- TAP Fantasy - the perfect combination of game and reality!
-$TAP token and NFT skins have received official feature recommendations on the Binance marketplace. Binance Smart Chain Tap Fantasy has over 700,000 players.”
-Now TAP Fantasy presents its game and $MC token on the TON network
- TAP Fantasy on TON - a new era in blockchain games!
-On the TON platform, the first game Tap Fantasy IDO's $MC sold out in 30 minutes, and NFTs were sold out in just a minute, demonstrating Tap Fantasy's strong influence in the blockchain game market. Within a week, the Telegram bot Tap Fantasy appeared, attracted 7.3 thousand testers, 5.1 thousand players joined the game and 3.7 thousand took part in the arena, which indicates the excellent results of Tap Fantasy on the TON platform.

A little on my own behalf, I didn’t have time for the opening of the toy (friends called me, they promised a good profit) I came in two weeks later. Those who played from the first day made a lot of money; in numbers it ranges from a hundred bucks to over $800. Everything depended on luck in the drop of items; rare items were dropped - they were sold for good money to both Chinese and CIS players. We played with a minimum donation for a battle pass and without investments

Game currency: MS



At the peak it was worth 1 buck, now it’s falling and rising

The essence of the toy: run around and beat mobs and bosses (there are regular and donated), they drop clothes and roulette chips


free mob:6062a6bc7f0602744c093fc0a4100c55.png

and a mob for which you need to have “wealth” (hold currency or NFT toys):63856bee9a6b3be122e8b0edeee33b69.png
you need more energy but the loot drops better, there is also a free boss:8a433220f6b73898007487d6e2a18fae.png
and donate:16e756f3d6963295c5040e9fdcaf2796.png
+there is also a world boss where chests with gear drop (whoever managed to pick up that gear, and the gear there is only rare) + for dealing 1% damage there is a chance of dropping rare lvl 17 gear

Chips also fall, we save them and spin the roulette, for getting to the top there are good prizes + there is gold dripping there for which you can buy clothes or chests with clothes/souvenirs


Points are given here for getting 3 dogs like this9d6f1f6104090a035c64d25de33301f5.png
prize for the top in the highest league, to get there you need to save up chips and get into the top 20 in previous leagues
but the store itself, the gear, the chests there change and depend on the level of your store (you need to accumulate more chips to open a new level:
Level 5:0abf37120850b5ef49972bfbb8bb9549.png
Level 8:a9a7479c731d9a92550bfc3b76b0e642.png
Here are the chances in the chests:2b1abee768b15dcefc7501ce120eb532.png

Now, in terms of gear, swords and armor are low valued, then helmet and gloves are higher in price (less drop chance can be seen on the screenshots), then there are boots and pants, and finally the rarest and most expensive are artifacts[/ b]


I’ll show you right away from lvl 20, below it makes no sense:

they sell swords at a minimum price:37871eda13d6b54e8b47045f1c3871a2.png
so do armor8f60a7d451073633c92a3a4310b8d01f.png
Artifact bow lvl 18:131e64d6094a8dbc657e435a5f59bf62.png
Mike lvl 18:9c758f80f794d3b6f5ed07f40b0b7694.png
In general, the lower the chance of occurrence, the higher the price
You can look through it in more detail here in the game:4c95e4fce1a1ca8331c474104bbb328f.png
Without a battle pass, you can put one item for sale, with bp - 6 at a time and wait until they buy it, if they don’t buy it, they will return to inventory


There is also a reward for rating in the coliseum, once a week





Also at the end of the season there will be a reward for clans:95c58cbcc12b9ac3c23f58eb8560e688.png



The game also has something called “Inscriptions/runes”, they are bought for MS, an inscription of random rarity drops, the game values them from 3 to 150 ms, the market value is mostly lower, you can look at the price on the market :


Open the inscriptions here: Character - click on any character - tab "Inscriptions" then click on the empty field 4bfc4b40c3f7ec339112fac185dcf04d.pngand mint here: a6224e110825edfa92a85177297844ac.png

Blue, violet and gold inscriptions fall, they also have stars, the most expensive gold is three stars, I got this one on the second try9b220453fa836668813b15c9079c05cb.png
the price of the game is $150, on the market the price differs depending on the skills of the inscriptiona829e04672b971314c297a303be4bdb3.png


There are also donation bosses/raids (available once a week) and a rift (available every day)
Higher raid difficulty means better loot
To be able to raid bosses, you need wealth
This takes into account the cost of your NFTs, MS and the cost of the inscriptions, that is, I spent 9 ms on opening the inscriptions, I got one gold 3 stars, one blue with one star and one purple two stars (this is fucking lucky) , the game considers their default value, that is, 150+3+41=$194 wealth
If you don’t sell the inscriptions, you can hold them, collect them and go to raid bosses (several people)
The loot from the raid bosses is as follows:


e4cafb1edc5493fc763690ab6e82a4bd.pngfirst boss, you need 600 wealth to enter


d7462c1b19d75a16f1969fc9bffd6206.pngsecond, you need 1000 wealth



And so, you can pay off with luck, with a donation faster, without it - for a long time.
But if you don’t want to pour something in, etc. you can just try to play, understand the meaning of the game, mechanics, etc. And then get pregnant in the new season and hit the jackpot.
The season lasts 90 days, with 22 left until the end.
The game also often gives away NFTs; they can also be either held or sold.
I put most of what I earned into reinvestment, I believe that hungry whales will come and quickly buy everything from the shelves, but in the meantime I’m looting, getting MC for the top, selling rare gear.
Then I’ll add in the answers what didn’t fit here, if you have any questions, ask.
I think that there is a prospect, you don’t need a lot of time, you can play on the subway/bus/at work, etc.
I came in, drained my energy, put my gear up for sale. When selling gear - in the first days they bought absolutely all things at a high price, now there are more players/twins - there is NO demand for regular gear, which often drops, they buy it but rarely and at a low price, rare gear - they buy better, tops are worn to loot the reward of the week.
The mechanics of the game are simple, if you don’t understand it, write to me and I’ll help you.
Withdrawal from the game:



Withdrawal from the game - withdraw MC - change to TON - TON change to any coin that can be withdrawn to the exchange, I chose USDT and withdraw to the exchange


Special thanks to referrals)

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