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[BOUNTY] BabyRottweiler Coin| $100k Worth of BRC. Polygon | Quickswap.com soon

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Welcome to Baby Rottweiler Inu Bounty campaign

Pool: 100.000$ in BRC token
Duration: 6 months

BabyRottweiler is a new cryptocurrency that was launched on the Polygon network in 2023. The token was created with the goal of providing a decentralized and community-driven platform for pet lovers and owners. Specifically, the token is targeted towards Rottweiler owners and enthusiasts, who can use the platform to connect, share information, and engage with each other.

The BabyRottweiler token has a total supply of 1 quintillion tokens, with a portion of these tokens reserved for community initiatives, marketing, and development.
Holders of BabyRottweiler tokens are incentivized to hold their tokens through a number of mechanisms. For example, the token includes a reward system that provides holders with a portion of the transaction fees generated on the platform by providing liquidity . 

Additionally, there are plans to launch a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that will allow holders to buy and sell Rottweiler-related digital assets using their tokens.
Overall, the BabyRottweiler token is an interesting addition to the growing ecosystem of pet-related cryptocurrencies. With its focus on Rottweiler owners and enthusiasts, the token has the potential to build a strong community and drive engagement on the Polygon network.! 0%-tax!

Swap BRC at  Quickswap.com

See graph here Dextools

More information on babyrottweiler.com

 Bounty Campaign unlimited
● Tokens will be distributed to participants within 6-8 weeks after the start of the Bounty Campaign hereafter once every two month in the Ethereum ERC20 address.
● Daily stakes! Do tasks every day and make reports  every 3 days  (work should be done each day)

● Its required to Join all of BabyRottweiler’s Social Media accounts:
- Telegram Bounty
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Discord
- Reddit
- Medium

● You will receive stakes for performing certain actions, the stakes will be converted into tokens, according to the formula (total number of tokens/total number of stakes)*number of your stakes.
● Please read the terms and conditions carefully. For non-compliance, even minor, you will not receive stakes or will be excluded from the bounty program.
● Use of multi-accounts, spam, bots and other is strictly forbidden, all attempts will be banned.
● Bounty managers reserve the right to change the conditions of the bounty campaign.

Format for proof of authentication post:

Proof of authentication:
- Email:
- Ethereum (ERC20) address :
- Telegram Username:
- Campaigns applied for:


Bounty campaign reward pool: $100k worth bounty reward in $BRC Tokens will be distributed through this bounty campaign.

● Video:  15%
● Medium: 10%
● Twitter : 20%
● Telegram: 15%
● Facebook: 10%
● Airdrop: 10%
● Reserve fund - 20%


Follow BabyRottweiler on twitter
Have at least 500 twitter followers
Fake/Locked/private/suspended accounts will not be accepted
Only register 1 twitter account for participation 

- Have more than 500 followers: 1 stake/week
- Have more than 2500 followers: 2 stakes/week
- Have more than 5001 followers: 5 stakes/week
- Have more than 10,001 followers: 10 stakes/week
- Every participant must follow the BabyRottweiler twitter Page
- Twitter account must be original (90% in Twitter audit)
- must join telegram channel if you don't join you will not receive stake
- You must make minimum of 5 retweets ,5 tweets  & 5 comment per week. Mention BabyRottweiler Project, Be sure to include following hashtag @BabyRottweiler_ #Crypto #ETH #BRC #cryptocoin #altcoins #gems #bitcoin

Report Format:
You must post all your retweet links and tweets in the following format every week, otherwise your bet will not be rewarded:

Bitcointalk username:
Twitter Profile Link:

Week 1
Retweet Link 1
Retweet Link 2
Retweet Link 3
Retweet Link 4
Retweet Link 5

Tweet Link 1
Tweet Link 2
Tweet Link 3
Tweet Link 4
Tweet Link 5

comment link 1
comment link 2
comment link 3
comment link 4
comment link 5

Join form


Rewards based on quality:
- Good : 5 stake
- Medium : 3 stake
- Bad : 1 stake

To qualify for a blog bounty, each article must:
- Has 500+ words or more without spaces
- Contain at least 2 links to the BabyRottweiler Project .
- Have unique content (ANN translations do not count)
- The reward will be negotiated based on article length + value of the publication, Content Quality And we reserved the right to give any Blog/ Article any coins.
- Strictly NO to Plagiarism, content must pass the Copyscape.
- Must include at least 3 official BRC Project links (Website, Twitter, Youtube, Medium,  Facebook)
- No hate speech, racism, the religious or personal attack. The content must be respected and mannerful in all ways.
- contents must remain active for at least 60 days.
- Articles published on these platforms Like .blogspot LinkedIn or other free blogging websites do not count.
- We Reserve the right to reject any blog/ entry.
- every bounty hunter participant can write up to 8 articles.

Join form


- Have more than 500 friends : 1 stake/week
- Have more than 2500 friends: 2 stakes/week
- Have more than 5001 friends: 5 stakes/week
- Have more than 10,001 friends: 10 stakes/week
- Every participant must like the Facebook BabyRottweiler
- Facebook account must have a minimum of 500 friends
- must join telegram if you don't join you will not receive stake
- You must make a minimum of 5 reposts ,5 posts  & 5 comments per week. Mention BabyRottweiler Project, Be sure to include following hashtag #BabyRottweiler #Crypto #BabyRottweiler #Crypto #ETH #BRC #cryptocoin #altcoins #gems #bitcoin #cryptobusiness #cryptocoin
- Every repost must be liked

Report Format:
You must post all your repost links and post in the following format every week, otherwise your bet will not be rewarded:


Bitcointalk username:
Facebook Profile Link:
Week 1
Repost Link 1
Repost Link 2
Repost Link 3
Repost Link 4
Repost Link 5
post Link 1
post Link 2
post Link 3
post Link 4
post Link 5
comment link 1
comment link 2
comment link 3
comment link 4
comment link 5

Please make your report as a new post every week in the bounty thread, but do not update the old post.
 Join form


- High quality: 3 stakes (High quality video and >3000 views)
- Good quality: 2 stakes (Good quality video and >2000 views )
- Average quality: 1 stake (Average quality video and >700 views)

For this task, bounty hunters will be rewarded for creating high-quality unique, interesting, and engaging videos about BRC Project.

Some examples of potential topics:
how to provide liquidity to BRC on quickswap

- subscribe BabyRottweiler Youtube 
- you must have at least 1000 subscribers
- must join telegram  if you don't join you will not receive stake
- The video description Be sure to include the following hashtags, or select some using a maximum of 6 tags  #BabyRottweiler #Crypto #ETH #BRC #cryptocoin #BabyRottweiler #cryptobusiness #cryptocoin
- Any language is accepted.
- Sound and video quality must be high, although webcam and smartphone videos are accepted.
- Content must be unique and original.
- The more views you accumulate, the more tokens you will be allotted.
- All views will be counted after the end of the campaign and will reward its creator accordingly.
- The video must be more than 1 min in length.
- No hate speech, racism, the religious or personal attack. The content must be respected and mannerful in all ways.
- every bounty hunter participant can write up to 5 Video.

 Join form  


Use name : BabyRottweiler( your username | BabyRottweiler)


- 1 stake/participants


- use our avatar & add username on your telegram profile
- must join Telegram

Report Format:
You must post all your post links in the following format every week, otherwise your bet will not be rewarded:


Bitcointalk username:
Telegram Username:
Week 1
Message Link 1
Message Link 2
Message Link 3
Message Link 4
Message Link 5

 Join form


Get $100 worth of $BRCtokens by completing the following steps:

1.  Create an account‍ on www.babyrottweiler.com

2.Goto polycatfinance.com on polycat finance
‍ and buy $30+ worth of SRC or even more.

3. Retweet our Airdrop Alert, 

4. Remember to submit details to join form. You will get an extra $100 worth of BRC tokens deposited to your Ethereum (ERC20)wallet within 24 hours.

Join form


1. Put the signature/Avatar on your profile before filling out the form
2. Make at least 10 constructive posts each week (Bounty reports will not count towards the minimum)
3.  Posts in the alternate cryptocurrencies section is favored)


Member: 2 stakes per week
full member: 4 stakes per week
sr member: 8 stakes per week
hero member: 14 stakes per week
leganday member: 20 stakes per week

[url=https://babyrottweiler.com/](x)  BabyRottweiler[/url]             [[[ [[ [   [url=https://polycat.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x948d653f014d02aaa56c0fce794443ecc827ab28]polycat.finance[/url]   ] ]] ]]]
[u]                      [i] Fast, secure, irreversible and efficient value transfers[/i]                      [/u]
[★] [url=https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100089918650609]Facebook[/url]   [★] [url=https://twitter.com/babyrottweiler_]Twitter[/url]   [★] [url=https://t.me/+jSfzPElLuGtmZGZk]Telegram[/url]   [★] [url=https://www.reddit.com/]Reddit[/url]   [★] [url=https://discord.gg/ZwBFbkTQw8]Discord[/url]   [★] 

Join form https://forms.gle/Z3YtSgbGHWDT82K4A


Original Reddit post quality grading scale:

1 stake
(may be denied or receive a lower reward)
Good: 2 stake
Great: 3 stake
Extraordinary: 4 stake

Quality is based on the number of errors, reach of the post, length,  quality of information, number of links to Silent website,  whitepaper, etc, and overall original thought.
Copy/paste from website and whitepaper will put you in a lower reward tier.

To be extraordinary: Must get 20 upvotes(first 20 do not qualify for bonus reward), 0 technical/grammatical errors, overall content, reach of the post, 500+ words long, and 0 copy/paste of information.

BONUS: Extra 100 BRCfor every 10 upvotes. (limit 10 bonus)

Attention: Sharing multiple submission content across Silent bounties is not allowed, and may disqualify you from all Silent bounties.


●     Must follow all subreddit rules and only post in cryptocurrency subreddits.
●     English Only.
●     Your Reddit account must be at least 20 days old and have 10 posts or 20 comment karma.
●     Posts and comments with negative or neutral karma will not be accepted.
●     Spam will not be accepted.
●     250+ word long post minimum(500+ for extraordinary).
●     Must get at least 2 upvotes to qualify for any reward.
●     A post must contain your Bitcointalk Username.
●     20 submissions per hunter, only one in each 24 hour time period.


Join form https://forms.gle/nu52PwjPkJkJZyY5A


Just follow Founder and CEO Viktor Kristensen’s linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/viktor-kristensen-710133247/

Join form Join form

Reward: 1 stake

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