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[Exorde Network] Ongoing ICO - The Network capturing trends and e-reputation in real time

Exorde (EXD)


The 1st & only Web3 network that collects data from the web to capture topics, news, reputation and trends around the world in real-time.

Exorde is accelerated by AI/NLP to process information in all languages (from Russia to China to Twitter, etc.), to capture the best trends.

The network already has over 50,000 nodes, processing 4 million pieces of content published every hour on the web in a decentralized and public way. Tokenomics and automated incentives make Exorde an ultra-reactive data network, the first of its kind.

The protocol produces data that feeds into e-reputation measurement data products. Exorde processes more than 90 million unique URLs per day through a robust infrastructure based on SKALE, IPFS and Filecoin. Exorde already processes more transactions than Polygon and Ethereum today.

Exorde's code is transparent, all transactions are public and the data it provides is stored publicly on Filecoin. The first and only Web3 BigData analysis project with a simple EXD utility token driving supply and demand. Exorde is an information processing machine/protocol. Clients pay the network to collect, retrieve, and analyze information about the sites/topics they want. The processing power of the Exorde protocol is constantly auctioned via its token to the highest bidder, and the Exorde network prioritizes the highest bids.

EXD is a true utility that truly captures the demand side of the data economy. If the value of data increases and data services are in demand, the demand for tokens increases with it.

Tokenomics & utility: exorde.network/token

Tokenomics Details:

Private investors have 2 years of vesting.

Exorde's team has 5 years of vesting.

Exorde Labs itself has 6 years of vesting.

Protocol rewards are released over 7-10 years+.

EXD on Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/address/0x02de007d412266a2e0fa9287c103474170f06560

200,000,000 EXD Total/Max Supply.

20,000,000 (10%) outstanding in the first year.

VC price: $0.15-$0.25 + 2 year vesting from March 2023.

Public price: $0.33-$0.35 (+65% over VC price only).

Initial market cap: $5M.

The team is doxxed, 7 engineers + PhD full time.

They are heavily backed by Protocol Labs (Filecoin) and SKALE (Ethereum Layer 2 allowing those millions of tx per day). They have 20+ VCs & partners.

Ex: https://twitter.com/SkaleNetwork/status/1625889655869648898

Listings: They announced a first pair of EXD/USDT on Uniswap or 1inch immediately upon completion of the sale.

All their contracts are verified and the supply is effectively vested as the tokenomics indicate.

Potential clients: large accounts, brand reputation analysis, products, etc. Traders & investors. Political organizations, analysts, journalists, etc.

The community is already large (15 000 users on Discord, and more than 3 000 on the testnet).

The Public Sale (ICO) has been running: sale.exorde.network

The verification process is simple & efficient.






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