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🟥[DUSTLAND]🟥 Looking for game testers|$4 per 15 minutes in game |

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📍 DUSTLAND is the best game created in the post-apocalyptic MMO genre!

For participating in the game's open beta test you will receive:

😎 You get $4 USDT in exchange wallet for registering and spending at least 15 minutes in the game (Payment in three days after the end of the beta test).  
😎 Participate in the Dustland open beta test and get 1 Battle Pass and a "tester" skin for free!
😎 Spend maximum time in the game and share your apocalyptic experience on social media with your friends with hashtag #dustland and get a Steam gift card (for the 100 most active players and community members - $20 Steam gift cards)!


Fill out the registration form! https://forms.gle/Ce6uQs6LqRAWhLvj6

🔓 To download DUSTLAND:

🔶️ Download DUSTLAND game through direct link:  DOWNLOAD THE GAME http://dev-3.dev.redpad.games/dustland/WindowsClient.zip

🔶️ Or download DUSTLAND game via torrent: DOWNLOAD THE TORRENT http://dev-3.dev.redpad.games/dustland/WindowsClient.zip.torrent

🔶️ Guide on how to register in the DUSTLAND game: DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE https://docs.google.com/document/d/1payqVZAx7vWHYE-0oJjEpwNtQJT_V6fQnySkXbP2L7g/edit#



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Still the Dustland bounty is on or it will be finished.


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