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Comparison of Metamask and Trust Wallet

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Comparison of Metamask and Trust Wallet

There are many different crypto wallets in the blockchain industry, in this article we will compare 2 most popular wallets — Trust Wallet and Metamask. Both wallets have their own features and limitations that make them useful for different uses.



The main difference of Metamask is that it only supports Ethereum network and other EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible networks such as BNB Chain, Heco Chain, Polygon, etc.


Metamask also does not yet have a native token.


However, unlike Trust Wallet, Metamask allows to add custom networks to the wallet manually, while Trust Wallet supports only those blockchains, which were built into the wallet by developers.


Trust Wallet

Although both wallets are multichain wallets, the advantage of Trust Wallet is that it supports not only EVM networks, but also other blockchains, such as Bitcoin, which allows you to manage assets on different blockchains in one convenient app.


Supported assets and networks can be found here.


Trust Wallet also has a native TWT token, built-in staking for several assets and crosschain swaps via THORChain, with discounted fees for TWT holders.




In addition, in November 2022 Trust Wallet launched a browser-based version of the wallet for PC, making it a serious competitor not only to Metamask, but also to other wallets, thanks to the support of multichain assets not only from EVM, but also from other blockchains.



Both wallets are popular and convenient solutions for storing cryptocurrencies and interacting with DApps and it is unfair to say that one wallet is better than the other.


Each has its own advantages, for example, if you need to use EVM blockchain which is not yet supported by Trust Wallet you can easily add this network yourself to Metamask.


At the same time, if you want to use Bitcoin, or other non-EVM blockchains, Trust Wallet can offer a wide range of networks in one handy wallet.


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