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Good day, dear friends!

I want to bring to your attention a project called IguVerse, which is somewhat similar to the Walken application The project allows us to receive one NFT pet upon registration and immediately start playing and earning IGU tokens

IguVerse is a Socialize to Earn game with NFT pets.

How to start participating and earning:
- Install the app Here
- go through google mail
- Create a wallet, write down the seed phrase
- Next, create a FREE pet. You can create with the help of AI or upload a photo of your favorite pet yourself
- Next, go to the main page, section 2 people from the bottom right, go in, and enter the code to receive the Bonus, enter the code: MBPDI9CG
- You need to take care of him, feed him, and actually increase your income due to this. We play daily and earn more than 60 energy, energy is converted into IGUR tokens daily

To increase profits, it is advisable to buy a pet that will bring more income daily!

BNB Chain itself has also repeatedly spoken about the project, which inspires even greater confidence in the project.



How to play Iguverse correctly?

Information for those who play with paid pets and encounter any problems while completing tasks. Based on the experience of our and other players, we share with you lifehacks:

— No need to brand rewards immediately after the end of the round, wait until the morning, as sometimes accruals do not occur immediately. This will help you avoid being stigmatized a couple of times over spending money on a commission.

- Do the social task with the placement of your personal code in the morning, so that by the evening your account has already been checked and energy has been added.

- Try to complete the task with cacti during less busy hours: not in the morning and not in the evening.

- When walking, hold the gadget in your hands for correct geolocation. It's also best not to lock your phone while doing this task.

- If you want to buy NFT - do it from the web version so as not to overpay the extra App Store money.

- It is advisable to feed your pet every day and keep it at maximum health, so it brings more money. Every minus 10 health - minus 10% of your income

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