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New version of the Dexe.Network token sale model!

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Smart contracts written for IDO have made a lot of noise, in their time.

And where there is noise, money is constantly spinning.

The main thing is that there is demand and the blockchain project is recognizable.

Now, a new revolution is starting, called decentralized finance, called DeXe Investment.


What are the features of the advantage of DeXe Investment, created by DeXe DAO, you ask!

This is not the only issue that can be discussed.

I want to share where to look for the information you need, answers to questions about the Dexe Network can be found here:

For developers, the main advantage is the ease of creating applications, due to transparency and open source, in addition, decentralized finance blockchain projects can be developed on any platform that interacts with smart contracts.

I think every trader, investor in cryptocurrencies should know about it.

Well, let's continue to get acquainted with the Dexe Network and its advantage. And believe me, there are enough of them for today!


About DeXe


Dexe.Network is a decentralized ecosystem of social trading that works via autonomous smart contracts and includes tools for distributing virtual currency and automatic rebalancing.

This removes the risk of passing the information of your digital wallet such as your private key, API, etc. to a 3rd party.

Most importantly, the DeXe Network connects successful traders to followers in a transparent and verifiable way for the benefit of both parties.


Website | Telegram channel | Telegram chat | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

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A lot has happened around DeXe in a short two months.

Let me take a closer look at them.

Binance Football Fever 2022 Dexe ended on December 19, 2022!

It was a unique spectacle to cheer for your favorite football team.

The final was especially impressive, in which Argentina and France took part (with the financial support of DeXe Network).

Read more here

What could be better for DeXe than news from well-known cryptocurrency magazines.

Cryptocurrency media NewsBTC, Bitcoinist write completely about Dexe Network.

It's great when you are a trader, an investor in DeXe and at the same time read in the media.

Plus, this is an opportunity to get acquainted with DeXe, with the help of an AMA session, on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

You can watch the recorded video here

I like to watch Hollywood films with famous film actors.

Thus, UkraineFilmFest showed its fans the best of the Ukrainian film industry, where DeXe joined the fundraising in support of Ukraine.

This is only a small part of the events that happened with Dexe, more information about which you can find here.

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Decentralized Finance DeXe Network, Kattana


Literally everything that is decentralized and related to finance is Defi.

Insurance, trade, loans, money transfers. The trader himself, who trades with cryptocurrencies, has full control over his funds when trading with cryptocurrencies on Dex.

Security is fully provided by writing smart contract programming, and is at the highest level.

I choose Defi for the main reason that it is possible to enjoy lower interest rates, for things like money transfers, trade.

Also, Defi can offer its traders high percentages of rewards from the bet.

This is an integral part that is necessary for almost every trader. Another main feature of Defi is decentralization.

On the Kattana trading platform, today it is possible to use live charts, thereby analyzing the movement of the price range, and finding a suitable exchange delta.

Here's how experienced traders use their skills to trade cryptocurrencies to profit from various DeFi offerings.

Kattana, together with DeXe, brought to life those necessary trading tools that a trader needs in everyday trading.

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What awaits investors, traders, in the new 2023 from DeXe Network!

In the new year 2023, after Christmas, everyone expects the coming of a new year.

Get together with your family, at the festive table, what could be better!

I will answer one thing, that I expect a new one, in the new year, together with DeXe.

What exactly, you ask?


If you look closely at the DeXe Ecosystem, you will notice upcoming updates that are about to happen:


1. Investment social trading platform, a new generation (investing).
2. 3 types of limit orders, for DEX (limit swap).
3. Unique centralized social trading platform (billtrade).


Please take a look at the three Github DeXe repositories and the bursts of commits that have been made:


For more details, you can read the article “Evolution of DeXe

Together with DeXe, I'm waiting for a new product that will give an incentive to move on.

A bullish cycle is expected ahead, after a long bearish cycle, in the cryptocurrency market.

So let's do what we can, don't miss out, together we are strong, DeXers!

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Finally, a bullish trend has come in the cryptocurrency market.

Top altcoins, Dexe, Kattana show growth, along with Bitcoin.

Today I want to share with Kattana trading platform.
The Kattana marketplace is a Dexe.Network ecosystem.
Every trader can start trading.

Kattana updates that happened most recently:


1. Complete UI/UX redesign.
2. Watchlist and quick navigation.
3. Latest transactions or most useful table.
4. Information about the token, information about the pair, liquidity, news sections.
5. Swap and limit orders are the kings of trading.

6. Notification center, big trades, latest trading pairs, multi-charts, social sharing and dozens of other small updates available right now 


Add to Kattana, to Watchlist, those trading pairs that you trade. You can also use the global search on the site, thereby adding an existing pair (to the top of the watchlist).
Read more about placing orders here:

I expect an update soon that will release limit orders for Tron and MultiversX (formerly Elrond).

More details about Kattana can be found here.

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How to trade effectively in the cryptocurrency market, while remaining free, in time and not wasting your time trading with cryptocurrency.

Marketplace Kattana, along with DeXe Network, can offer this.

You ask how? Let's take a closer look today at the key features of Kattana.

How to set a limit order on Kattana:

To start trading with Kattana, you need to check PNL and wallet volume to find suitable crypto wallets with positive PNL.


To do this, connect to the Kattana trading terminal, then look for top traders (we need their wallet numbers).
Then we check the average buy/sell price and trading volume.

Act at your own discretion, as it suits you - you can sort crypto wallets by days/weeks/months (very handy feature).
We click on the wallet in the black, thereby viewing the statistics.
Everything is ready, now you are a professional trader!

Nothing special at first glance, once you start trading with Kattana, it becomes easier to move on.

Act now to profit from trading your chosen cryptocurrency.

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