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Yahor Dziomin

FairFi will give away $50,000 $FRFI to early adopters, farmers, and creators

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To reward farmers and early adopters of our protocol we are introducing a Fair Points program. Through Fair Points accumulation, any user can get free tokens on TGE, as well as priority for the right to buy in the public round.

You can earn a total of 5,000,000 Fair Points (FP). Fair Point is not a token or payment, but only indicates your level of activity in the early stages of the project.

The activities for which you receive FP:

  • Daily Rewards for visiting the site
  • Daily and weekly Twitter Giveaways
  • Participation in special farming pools
  • Lottery
  • Prediction game
  • Social Media Activities ( Posts, Graphics, Videos, Articles, Stickers, etc.)

You can read more about the amount of rewards for each activity at the end of this article.

Rewards for visiting the site.

You can earn up to 10 FP per day by visiting our website. All you need to do is to open a special page once every 12 hours and collect FP. For each entry you will collect 5 FP.

Daily and weekly Twitter Giveaways

For a chance to win 1,000 FP daily, all you have to do is subscribe to our Twitter feed and participate in the Monday through Friday 1pm UTC tweet giveaway. To do so:

  • Follow @FairFi
  • Like & RT
  • Tag 3 DeFi frens.

The draw, which runs for 24 hours, will select 3 winners of 1000 FP.

The big weekly draw starts Sunday 1pm UTC and lasts 24 hours. To participate, you must:

  • Follow @FairFi_
  • Like & RT
  • Tag 5 DeFi frens
  • Add cool comment.

The draw will select 1 random winner and 1 winner with the coolest comment. Each will receive 2,500 FP.



Participation in special farming pools

From the start of this program to the week before TGE, there will be special farming pools in which you can try out our special features, such as Safe Farming and Short Farming.

You will receive extra Fair Points besides the standard rewards.

5 points = $1 equivalent TVL per week

We’ll start calculating them on October 10, 2022. You’ll see how many points you get on the interface at the beginning of November 2022, when the automated cabinet appears.


Try your luck! Win or loose, that’s how the market works. Guess the order of 6 lucky numbers and get your reward.






Prediction game

Are you a real trader? Try yourself in our prediction game. Predict the move of $BNB and wait for the end of the round. You will be rewarded, or not…




Social Media Activities

If you’re creative, help us to spread the word about FairFi. Write articles and posts, create videos, draw stickerpacks, gifs, infographics or just share your experience about using FairFi.

We don’t limit creative people. Any activity will be rewarded accordingly. All entries will be evaluated by our managers and every week we’ll publish a list of winners in our live chat.

Rewards table

You can find description of each activity and its rewards here. Do not hesitate to tag Core Team in chat if you have any suggestions or feedback.





Our aim is to unite all DeFi lizards and newbies under the FairFi safe and profitable Yield Farming protocol. And return peoples’ faith in Yield Farming as a sustainable and predictable tool for profit making.


If you like what we do feel free to check out our social media or try the product:

🌐 FairFi website | 🐦 Twitter | ✍️ Telegram Chat | 🗣 Telegram News


Today we host first giveaway in our support twitter - https://twitter.com/FairFiV



This topic will be updated every day with new winners and announcement of new airdrop

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