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X2Y2 Runs a Airdrop until 12/31/2022 for $1,000,000

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Following LooksRare example, X2Y2 is a new NFT marketplace project that is doing a free airdrop to attract its users. In the case of x2y2, that Snapshot date included December 2021 so I finally had a chance to be eligible.

In order to claim your $X2Y2 tokens, you need to go to the Bulk listing tab and list one of your NFTs for sale. Some collections may be marked with a flag that indicates that they don't qualify to airdrop requirements for the trading volume.

Before listing, you would need to approve your collection and that includes a gas fee. The gas is also required in order to claim your tokens as always. This option will appear right after listing and you will also have a chance to choose between claiming and claiming & staking your tokens. Staking would require higher gas fees which is important to keep in mind x2y2s.io .


I only got around 50$ worth of tokens and spent around  8$ with gas fees but that was a worth testing experience for me in any case. $X2Y2 tokens can be added to your Metamask or Trustwallet with one click afterwards as well.

X2Y2 project is aiming to exit into a DAO at the end and offers its tokens to NFT traders similarly to LooksRare.

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