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RociFi - DeFi Primitive Under-collateralized Credit protocol.

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28th June 2022, RociFi - Under-collateralized credit protocol launched its main network on Polygon!


A unique feature of RociFi is the ability to get an under-collateralized loan, instantly and without KYC, but provided that the borrower has a high credit rating. The basis of this rating is the technology of NFT, so the user in the first place can not burn it or transfer it to another, and in the second


To get a credit in RociFi users must first mint their personal NFCS, it serves for accounting credit history, reputation and level of trust, based on your web3 history, interaction with other DeFi protocols in several blockchains.


Learn more about NFCS


You can minting out your NFCS 👉 here.

Mint is free (gas fee only). 



- Instant NO-KYC under-collateralized loans.

- The lowest collateral ratio (from 0% to 90%).

- Fixed APR and Duration loans.

- For institutional borrowers, a grace period with protection against liquidation is available.


You can now get a loan based on your credit score:

- Users with a high rating (1-3) will have access to loans with zero collateral.

- Users with an average rating (4-6) will have access to under-collateralized loans.

- Users with a low score (7-10) will use RociFi as a regular over-collateral credit protocol.



- 90% of the revenue goes to depositors.

- No deposit lockup.

- Pools with controlled risk. Protection against fraud and assessment of the reputation of borrowers.


Lenders have the opportunity to choose a pool and accordingly the category of borrowers to which they want to borrow their assets.




12 July, RociFi launched a promo campaign and reduced interest rates on loans!

The action will last for a month until 12 August inclusive!


➡️ Under-collateralized loan: 1%

➡️ Over-collateralized loan: 0,5%


You are unlikely to find interest on loans lower than during the RociFi promo campaign...


The project has completed 2 phases of the testnet, as well as has 2 security audits from Certik and Chainsulting! Reports are available in our Github repository.


During initial funding rounds, RociFi raised 2.8M$ from Arrington XRP Capital, Golden Tree, Block Ventures, NEXO, LD Capital, Signum Capital, SCC Investments and Skynet Trading.



You can find more information about RociFi here:

Website | Discord | Twitter | Telegram | Blog


P.S. The topic uses UTM links, confirmed by the administration of the forum.

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Reserve for activity

RoboFi × SupraOracles × RociFi Амбассадор

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📢 We are happy to share with you the great news: 



RociFi has received a grant from Polygon DAO, which means that in the future we will have more opportunities for the development and scalability of our decentralized under-collateralized lending protocol!


Polygon DAO & Polygon Village help to develop projects in all possible ways, providing support in many areas!

RoboFi × SupraOracles × RociFi Амбассадор

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RociFi Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds to Value Under-Collateralized Loan Collateral in Real-Time




We’re excited to announce that RociFi — an under-collateralized credit protocol — has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds on Polygon mainnet. By integrating the industry-standard decentralized oracle network, we now have access to high-quality, decentralized, and tamper-proof price data feeds — critical infrastructure needed to help calculate the price of loan collateral in real-time.


 Learn more:

RoboFi × SupraOracles × RociFi Амбассадор

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20220808_144707.thumb.jpg.bface85c21fbc587c8193ae9a64592b3.jpgWe are pleased to announce that in a month since the launch of our under-collateralized credit protocol, more than 10k of NFCS have been minted! 🎉


🥳 We want to celebrate this event and created a new Giveaway on Quest3:


🎁 5 USDC for 20 lucky winners! 


Еvery day we will choose 2 random winners from among the participants who correctly completed our quest! Details at the link above! 


P.S. "Blank Tweets" will not be considered correctly executed and we will have to give your prize to another participant... Please fill out the form according to the description of the quest!


Good luck! 🍀

RoboFi × SupraOracles × RociFi Амбассадор

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