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Anna Alekseeva

Work Systems of Exorde Labs

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The Exorde Work Systems are the base layer for the whole Exorde ecosystem. It will serve as a place where all contributors can work together in achieving the common goal. They will search information on the web, extract unstructured information, similarities, trends and any other type of pattern in the information freely circulating on the web. Contributors will index different URLs and their data relationships according to the special guidelines. This platform is desentralized and open. After the work of the participant is confirmed, he has the right to receive the token of the project — EXD.


There are two ways in which participation in Work Systems is regulated: Reputation and Staking. Let’s look at them in more details.


· Reputation. All participants who contribute to the development of the system will receive a reward in EXD, as well as reputation points (RP). The amount of RP depends on the quality and volume of the work done by the participant, and thus shows the involvement of the participant in the system. So, for example, such work as Moderation is available only to participants with high RP, as it shows the level of trust to the participant.


· Staking. Every participant needs to pay an «entry-fee». It means he need to stake some amount of EXD in order to contribute to the system. Such requirement allows to avoid spamming or ill-intentioned contributors, because staked EXD won’t paid back if the contributor’s submission will be slashed.


How to participate in the WorkSystems?


First of all you will need an Exorde-compatible virtual wallet. Participats can create such wallet through Exorde’s main website. If it will be needed, user wallets will be protected by Exorde Labs, for example through the double authentication or support.


Some types of Work Systems will be unavailable, because they require a certain amount of RP. Work System selection can be performed directly on Exorde’s main website or through the API that Exorde Labs will provide.


There will be a tutorial explaining on how to contribute to the Work System in appropriate way. Each participant will be placed in a queue to be allocated the work to which he subscribed.


After the work will be done, contributors need to wait while their work will be checked by the other participants that have higher RP level. If the work accepted, contributor will receive his EXD back from stake and also he will get additional EXD and RP for his work according to its quality.


The summarized process of the Exorde WorkSystems workflow is detailed below.



Official links:


Web-site | Twitter | Discord | Reddit | Telegram | Telegram Chat | LinkedIn | Medium


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