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An Overview of The MesChain System

Private NFT Key

An overview of the MesChain system


Over the years, the tech industry had been plagued with a number of factors which have proven to be harmful to the production process. These forces wreak havoc on the manufacturing process, lowering efficiency and lowering quality.

In a deliberate bid to bridge this gap and make accessible seamless and effective production process and supply, Genesis Crypto Technology has brought forth MES ( Manufacturing Execution Systems).

Using a computerized information system, Meschain discovers issues that threaten manufacturing performance and reliability, resulting in an accessible and verifiable production process all part of the bigger picture of closing the gap in the The cryptocurrency exchange market.

To follow us in more detail, see our page;

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The stellar services offered;

Meschain currently provides its users with seven primary services. They include;

· Manufacturing Execution Systems

· Wallet & Mobile Application

· NFT Marketplaces

· Stake Platform

· Stake Private NFT Platform

· Crowdfunding Service

· Freelancer Platform

· E-commerce platform ( Allmes Stores )

Manufacturing Execution Systems; Meschain’s primary service offer is Manufacturing Execution Systems. The MES services provide a strong emphasis on quality, traceability, and integrity. They include;

· RF-ID Product Counting System: Meschain guarantees users’ satisfaction by ensuring that products are counted in minimal period of time without errors. In other words, this translates to precisely counting of thousands of products in seconds thereby reducing the costs that could have been incurredin getting raw labour. While efficiency remains at an all-time high, Meschain keeps cost at the minimum.

RF-ID Product Counting System

· Quality Control: Meschain has become to be associated only with quality and as such rigorous test processes have been put in place to ensure that the standard does not deplete. Only products that have been checked through these processes will be certified and delivered.

· Personnel Tracking System: It is definitely safe to say that diligent and motivated staff are the bedrock of any successful organisation. Meschain recognises this and has put into place a reward system that keeps the motivation of the personnel up always as a result, a productive and relatively high environment is ensured.

· Data Safety: Privacy is a really important concept when offering a service especially in clients’ information by storing data on the most secure servers available.

· Product Tracking System: Meschain ensures that customers have access to transparent information by guaranteeing that the product is traced from raw material to final stage.

· Innovation : We help companies stand out by providing them with innovative ideas that frequently improve their products and increase our diversity.

WALLET AND MOBILE APPLICATION: The wallet and mobile application which is readily available to download makes easier to access Meschain services and provide realistic payment options. The wallet will securely store your assets and allow you to make payments within the app. On the other hand, users may simply transact from decentralised services using the application, which includes a news portal, a direct connection to the exchange, and DApps services.

With the Wallet application, you can connect and use our services.

That is, you can save your assets, trade and access all Meschain services on the wallet and mobile application respectively. Cool, right?!

NFT MARKETPLACES: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which can be said to be a relatively new development addresses lots of ‘objects’ ranging from works of art, to tickets that offer special admittance and so on.

Meschain has continued to set a new pace by providing services, digitised products of brands in the field of supply chain in the field of blockchain with the NFT market. Progressive brands can go on to move their brands to the blockchain by utilising their NFT market. This is definitely mind-blowing; a walk into the future!

STAKE PLATFORM: Meschain intends to award stake rewards in the form of high-yielding tokens.This is accomplished by investing in worthwhile projects through the capital businesses with which they originally entered into a deal in lieu of MES tokens. This is in an effort to keep the token economy safe for MES holders, therefore maintaining the price.

Additionally, holders have the option to earn free tokens for projects that they would not otherwise be able to obtain thereby earning passively.

There are three types of packages in this respect. They include; The Diamond package and The Blue Diamond package respectively.


CROWDFUNDING SERVICE : Meschain had established a DAO-based platform for MES tokens to receive the option to invest extra, with the goal of developing a solid structure in the MES chain ecosystem through community-oriented crowdfunding effort. They also partner with and invest in high-potential companies, participate in excellent presale initiatives, and make investment selections based on community voting.

Summarily, the community makes decisions by crowdfunding. Isn’t that amazing?!

FREELANCER PLATFORM: Freelancing has become the new normal, owing to the fact that the internet is now the center of almost everything. As a result, the service sector is trying to hire freelancers to provide quality services in order to reduce costs and bring in diverse capable hands and brains.

The freelancing platform was developed by Meschain to take advantage of this chance. They serve their clients in the real world and also provide solutions that are precise, verified, and dependable available to meet the crypto market’s ever evolving needs.

It is safe to say that the Meschain is a changemaker.

ALLMES STORES: Meschain provides solutions to its clients both during and after the production process. The e-commerce platform was developed with this in mind. Suppliers and buyers will be brought together by the platform.

After forming collaborations with progressive big partners (especially AliExpress), the local sales store is expected to expand globally. Meschain aspires to connect consumers and users together, particularly in the crypto sector.

Finally, Meschain views the supply chain as a single entity in general. The process begins in the factories and is then transported to the rest of the world via nft, e-commerce, and blockchain. Meschain, it’s reasonable to say, provides a combination of services that work together to meet their clients’ crypto and commercial needs.

The team has committed to continuing to develop services that will bridge the gap between the real and crypto worlds. This will be accomplished by incorporating beneficial works that address ecosystem demands.

Keep up with the team here:




Email Address:


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MESChain: The Blockchain Building Blocks for the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) is at its preliminary stages and every industry is looking to leverage the technology behind this revolution into their operations. 4IR is marked as one which transforms manufacturing processes towards automation through enhanced and efficient systems. One such system in this revolution is the manufacturing execution system (MES); a system that monitors and controls industrial processes, ensuring improved productivity of the manufacturing processes. 

What is MesChain?

 MesChain, a product of Genesis Crypto Technology, is a blockchain-based MES solution for manufacturing processes. Adding to the existing progress in automation, MesChain enables industries to plan the manufacturing process, source materials for production optimally, complete the manufacturing process in time and ensure effective supply to meet changing demands in the market. That way, firms can establish a precise supply chain that eliminates wastage of resources, including time and money spent in sourcing production materials. Also, the businesses ensure that customers are satisfied; meeting their demands despite the dynamics of demand.

Optimizing Manufacturing Productivity

Firms using MesChain in their manufacturing sectors through their private blockchain improve their manufacturing process in the following ways:

• Decentralized decision making, that includes evaluation of market demand for accurate material sourcing

• Efficient human resource management and employee performance tracking to recommend skills training to improve employee performance

• Systematic planning of manufacturing tasks for the production line

• Network and data security for all industrial components

• Interconnection for machines and human resource through the Internet of Things (IoT)

Significance of MesChain in Manufacturing

Through MesChain token, manufacturing firms can process their payment transactions faster and securely, cutting off high intermediary costs. Industries minimize costs on sourcing materials and thus improve their net earnings. Also, the system is built on Ethereum’s Network token system. The escrow system for smart contracts ensures secure transactions for manufacturers and their customers. 

The MesChain systems push for sustainable manufacturing by ensuring minimal wastage of resources and a more effective supply chain. With the ability to operate with other industry 4.0 technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), this blockchain-based technology allows manufacturers to leverage even more solutions to make smarter processes for a smart future. 

In summary

The developers of MesChain have over 22 years building MES technology and incorporating the system with blockchain further helps improve the systems’ efficiency for manufacturing processes. Products derived from systems running MesChain are of high quality and will provide the early adopters with a competitive edge over other market players. MesChain’s ongoing successful ICO is a great chance to participate in the project, and be part of the transformation of the manufacturing process from the onset of 4IR.Meschain-min.thumb.png.eafa6edaf6b380e803edba2b752778cc.png

We Launched the MesChain NFT KEY Whitelist Sale


We launched the MesChain NFT KEY whitelist sale

Click to buy!!!

We bring investment opportunities to you with stake and crowdfunding. With many earning opportunities, our staking is planned to protect the MES token economy and provide a sustainable earning opportunity to the MES investor.

Unlike its counterparts, we have developed the MES staking scheme, which will enable us to maintain the token economy and get opportunities that MES holders cannot invest individually, for free.

What is key nft

According to this plan, holders staking MES will receive tokens as rewards for their investments in quality projects through the capitals we collaborate with.

Instead of locking thousands of dollars to get the right to buy and finding very low buying opportunities, MesChain aims to offer these opportunities to you for free by simply MES Staking.


What is crowdfunding?

It is a community-driven organization where participants have the right to decide and profits are distributed fairly.

Our aim in this formation is for MES owners to benefit from potential earnings and investment opportunities.

The core team of professional research team and analysts offers investment options on our platform.

How does crowdfunding work

Investment opportunities are evaluated with the decision of the majority of the Group. With this study of the DAO model, we are creating a sustainable model that will keep the MesChain ecosystem financially strong.

In many reward schemes, by giving project tokens, inflation is caused and price stability is deteriorated.
By evaluating quality projects and different investment opportunities, MesChain protects the MES token economy and offers extra earnings to MES holders.

We launched the NFT KEY sale to have the right to participate in crowdfunding and make decisions.

KEY NFT Advantage;

We offer many advantages for KEY NFT owners.
The main advantages of people who have KEY NFT are as follows.

KEY NFT Advantage

1- To participate in the Stakeholders Blu diamond earning plan, you must have a KEY NFT. In this way, you can take advantage of this opportunity with a load of APY and MES token rewards.

2- You have the right to vote in crowdfunding.

3- You have the right to make extra private investments.

4- You have the right to benefit from discounts and various opportunities on our platforms such as Freelancer and E commerce.

5- KEY NFT owners have the right to vote and determine the result in many decisions to be taken for MesChain


How will the staking platform work?

The rewards for MES stakers differ as projects not yet listed on the exchange and the vesting distribution model and token distribution.

Therefore, the reward distribution plan is as follows;

Holders of MES shares earn MESP tokens.

Those who have MESP in their wallets during the award distribution are entitled to receive rewards according to the MESP ratio.

In our fair and transparent distribution, our goal is for each shareholder to receive rewards based on MESP tokens.

How will the staking platform work?

Prize distributions are made at variable intervals.

A new MESP earnings plan starts after each prize distribution.

The advantage of MESP gained in the previous distribution ends.

Rewards are distributed proportionally to the re-earned MESP tokens in each distribution slot.

Our goal is to implement a fair and transparent staking plan.
For this reason, we are putting forward a sustainable structure so that all holders who contribute to this system with staking reach the maximum earnings plan.
Funds other than the distributed portion of investment earnings are reinvested by community vote and distributed to stake holders.

MES Stakeholders consists of 2 benefit plans;

1- Diamond Plan
2- Blu Diamond Plan

MES Stakeholders consists of 2 benefit plans

MES Token;


We keep the minimum MES Token requirement low for low-budget MES holders to participate in the diamond scheme.

Anyone with 300,000 MES can participate in the diamond staking scheme.

In this staking plan, 25% of the total amount of rewards distributed is proportionally distributed to MESP holders.


It is necessary to have a KEY NFT to participate in the Bludiamond staking plan, where the amount of APY is high and we only award MES tokens for this plan.

KEY Holders with 450,000 MES can participate in the blue diamond staking scheme.

75% of the total rewards distributed are distributed proportionally to the MESP winners by participating in the Blu diamond staking plan.


Blue Diamond Private Key

For The Whitelist

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22 Realms 5 to Reach

Tarnish The quiest

Tarnish The Quiest

Siamese Love and Fatigue when signing deals

Siamese Love and Fatigue…

Ax Antis Gold Visualization

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Upper Floor Mutual Effort

Upper Floor Mutual Effort

Adravoh's Strategy Tyrant

Adravohs Strategy Tyrant

Embodiment Endustrial Prison

Embodiment Endustrial Prison


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