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[ANN] Zenlink - cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot .

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The most famous blockchain ecosystems at the moment, for example, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are developed as separate products for functioning from each other. Now this limitation of only one network is trying to fix and simplify the duration of the processes necessary to use the capabilities of all other ecosystems. This is one of the factors holding back the development of the blockchain industry. To bridge this gap between networks, cross-chain technology was created that solves the problem of integration and interaction between ecosystems. 


Zenlink is a basic DEX cross-chain protocol based on the Polkadot network, which aims to create a highly scalable next-generation DEX cross-chain network. By integrating the Zenlink DEX module, the project allows parachains to easily and quickly access all DEX capabilities and share liquidity with other parachains. Zenlink DEX Aggregator can link all DEX decentralized applications on Polkadot, it's like Curve + 1inch in one bottle. In simple terms, Zenlink is a DEX through which any parachain can deploy its own internetworking DEX, which provides users with the ability to easily and quickly exchange with low slippage. 



Zenlink consists of:


● Zenlink Protocol: Upper layer unified general DEX protocol.

● Zenlink DEX module: is a module that allows parachains to integrate to exchange liquidity with other DEXs on other parachains.

● DEX Aggregator: Easy and convenient entry into the world of DEX, which is compatible with almost all DEX on Polkadot, with which users can do a couple of clicks, perform an operation with DEX with low slippage.

● Zenlink Token (ZLK): Zenlink DEX protocol token, which is used for administration, liquidity.

● Zenlink DEX Network: A decentralized exchange network consisting of the Zenlink DEX module, Zenlink DEX aggregator and other DEX applications on parachains. 



Zenlink has already received support from major investment funds such as Alameda, HashKey Crypto, Okex Blockdream Ventures, IOSG Ventures, D1 Ventures, Continue Capital, Youbi Capital, SNZ Holding. 





Zenlink received two grants from the Web3 Foundation: 


● The first of them was awarded for the development of a prototype cross-chain module for the Polkadot network. More details can be found here - https://medium.com/zenlinkpro/zenlink-receives-web3-foundation-grant-to-develop-cross-chain-dex-module-prototype-for-polkadot-c19bae267b10

● The second for the implementation of the WASM smart contract - https://medium.com/zenlinkpro/zenlink-dex-smart-contract-is-open-source-9b0b9e0ebfa2




Community: 50%

● Trade mining: 15%, non-linear unlocking
● Mining liquidity: 25%, non-linear unlocking
● DAO: 5%, will be used upon request to cover development costs. Supervised by the community and Zenlink team.
● Community Incentives: 5%, which are used to reward active ZLK community members and parachains who integrate the Zenlink DEX module. 



Early investors: 26%:

● Seed round: 7%, linear unlock every 3 months, 1/8 unlock every time
● Angel investors: 11%, linear unlock every 2 months, 1/8 unlock every time
● Series A: 8%, linear unlock every month, 1/8 unlock every time
● Command: 20%, linear unlock every 3 months and release after 24 months (no unlocking during the first 2 months after launch).
● Foundation: 4%, reserved, no unlock plans yet.




 Zenlink works with many big companies such as Math Chain, Chainlink, Web3 Foundation, Bitfrost, Plasm Network, Phala Network, Darwinia, OpenOcean, Sakeswap, Bondly. 




As of this writing, it is traded on Gate:






Zenlink DEX DApp: https://dex.zenlink.pro/     

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZenlinkPro

Website: https://zenlink.pro/

Wiki: https://wiki.zenlink.pro/

Github: https://github.com/zenlinkpro

Medium: https://medium.com/zenlinkPro

Whitepaper: https://zenlink.pro/en/whitePaper

Tokenomics: https://wiki.zenlink.pro/resources/tokenomics

Discord: https://discord.gg/8q75ZfUE8h

Zenlink Branding Resources: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eayLasEbZP5KkP02BbrKhec2orTF2D2G
Сoinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/ru/currencies/zenlink/

KAR/ZLK LP #farming is live with $ZLK+ $KAR+ $BNC rewards!  

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The 1st $ZLK buyback and burn has been completed 


A total of 206,680.6 $ZLK have been burned (198,728.29 $ZLK on #Moonriver & 7,952.28 $ZLK on #bifrost), with buyback expenses ≈$850,000 


 Burning details on Moonriver: https://moonriver.moonscan.io/tx/0x95cad959841a3d6ec2e8633fb4366f9ba4927cb0cce98d7a2de4d1780711cc01

  Burning details on Bifrost:
https://polkadot.js.org/apps/?rpc=wss%3A%2F%2Fbifrost-rpc.liebi.com%2Fws#/democracy (it will be burned during the referendum)


You can also check out more details below 


- https://dex.zenlink.pro/#/zlk
- https://wiki.zenlink.pro/ecosystem/buyback


Announcement on Twitter:





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Added $vETH rewards to vETH/ETH LP farming pool 🥳  


Now, vETH/ETH LPs can manually migrate your LP tokens (in the " Ended " page) to the new vETH/ETH farming pool and earn double rewards of $ZLK + $vETH! 


User Guide:

Step1: Visit Zenlink DEX and find the "Earn" page or directly visit https://dex.zenlink.pro/#/earn/stake


 Step2: Check "Ended" to find the old vETH/ETH farming pool and click "more", then click "Redeem" below to redeem your LP tokens


 Step3: Check "Active" to find a new vETH/ETH farming pool and click "more", then click "Stake" below to stake LP tokens to the new farming pool




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New Feature: X-Transfer is LIVE 


It's the MVP of a one-stop cross-chain transfer aggregator, which aggregates the Substrate<> Substrtate cross-chain bridge and the EVM<>Substrate cross-chain bridge as well as token transfer functionality.


Learn more - https://link.medium.com/MiaKFc4ekmb 




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Announcing the Zenlink #OpenSource Program 


It will follow the following steps:


 Blockchain Explorer Open Source
 Release of Audit Report
 Github Code Open Source (with a bug bounty program)


 Zenlink is owned by the community, step by steр 


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$MOVR/ $ETH LP Farming and new $MOVR/ $USDC farming pool is now LIVE on Zenlink  


The old $MOVR/ $USDC farming pool will be suspended and LPs should manually migrate your LP tokens to the new pool to earn more $ZLK rewards.


Enjoy APR% and jump into the farming pool: https://dex.zenlink.pro/#/earn/stake






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The 2nd cycle of $ZLK staking on Bifrost is now live!



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Integration Announcement: Zenlink Integrates with Moonbeam Network 


We're excited to announce that Zenlink has been integrated with Moonbeam Network!


 With this integration, Zenlink will be able to focus on cross-chain liquidity sharing and DEX aggregation areas on Kusama Network & Polkadot Network!  


The integration is now complete and makes Zenlink one of the first applications to launch on the Moonbeam network. Users can now visit https://dex.zenlink.pro/ to experience and participate in the activities. 


 Learn more details about the launch and activities here: https://link.medium.com/KqS1v3LAJmb


Original Integration Announcement -https://medium.com/zenlinkpro/zenlink-integrates-with-moonbeam-network-4d69dc0bbf30





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Общий объем торгов Zenlink превысил 600 миллионов долларов

Zenlink теперь работает с 3-мя парачейнами:

 - 2 парачейна kusamanetwork: bifrost_finance и MoonriverNW
 - 1 парачейн Polkadot: MoonbeamNetwork
Амбиции протокола Polkadot eco-cross-chain DEX только начинаются - https://twitter.com/ZenlinkPro/status/1481662209449426944

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We are excited to announce that Zenlink partners with Celer cBridge and launches GLMR Boosted Liquidity Farming!


Celer cBridge now supports bridging to Moonbeam under the Open Canonical Token Standard. The Moonbeam community is now able to use cBridge for a fast, low-cost cross-chain bridging experience between Moonbeam and 15 other supported blockchains and layer2 networks.


To celebrate this integration, we joined forces with Celer cBridge to launch two liquidity farming pools for the (ceUSDT, ceUSDC) pair and the (ceUSDC, GLMR) pair with 30-days of boosted rewards in ZLK, GLMR, and CELR.


The TVL of the ceUSDT/ceUSDC and ceUSDC/GLMR farming pools over $10 million within 3 hours, LFG


Read a quick thread:


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RMRK/KSM Bootstrap is coming to Zenlink today at 12pm UTC!


 You can now use X-Transfer to migrate your RMRK to 


Bootstrap will open on time and you will be able to contribute liquidity to the Bootstrap pool and be rewarded with ZLK + BNC.


 RMRK/KSM LP farming will be enabled after successful completion of Bootstrap, learn more: https://zenlinkpro.medium.com/rmrk-ksm-bootstrap-and-liquidity-incentive-program-to-be-launched-on-zenlink-dex-8ec61ad0c7ed


Twitter announcement: https://twitter.com/ZenlinkPro/status/1485564209635426305?s=20 

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New XC-20 - @RmrkApp $xcRMRK is coming!  


Zenlink now supports $RMRK migration from Statemine to MoonriverNW via X-Transfer, which is permanently available and accessible on Moonriver as $xcRMRK.  


Users can now migrate RMRK to the Moonriver network with one click through X-Transfer in Zenlink DEX. Learn more about X-Transfer (https://wiki.zenlink.pro/zenlink-dex-dapp/user-guide/x-transfer).  


Ready for $xcRMRK to list on Zenlink tomorrow? 


Read more details and tutorials here: https://medium.com/zenlinkpro/zenlink-x-transfer-now-supports-rmrk-token-migration-from-statemine-to-moonriver-9b07bfe3d1d 


Twitter announcement: https://twitter.com/ZenlinkPro/status/1485666227947466754?s=20 



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The Moonriver<>Moonbeam bridge for ZLK powered by Multichain is available, and ZLK/GLMR & ZLK/anyUSDC LP Farming is now LIVE on Moonbeam  


Read the article to learn how to use Multichain to bridge ZLK from Moonriver to Moonbeam: https://medium.com/zenlinkpro/moonriver-moonbeam-bridge-for-zlk-is-available-and-zlk-farming-on-moonbeam-is-activated-e1671df7bca5 


Earn ZLK + GLMR rewards for participating in farming at https://dex.zenlink.pro/#/earn/stake


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Wen next parachain integration? Get some of the latest news 




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Zenlink в сотрудничестве с Frax Finance и запускает программу стимулирования ликвидности FRAX в сети Moonbeam!

Благодаря этому партнерству Zenlink поможет Frax расшириться до сети Moonbeam и обеспечить широкое внедрение FRAX в Moonbeam.  Сетевой мост Ethereum <> Moonbeam для FRAX поддерживается нашими партнерами, Nomad, Multichain и Celer cBridge.

Фарминг GLMR/FRAX и FXS/FRAX теперь доступно по адресу https://dex.zenlink.pro/#/earn/stake.

Благодаря совместным усилиям обеих сторон пары GLMR/FRAX и FXS/FRAX теперь имеют солидную ликвидность на Zenlink на сумму более 10 миллионов долларов.  Таким образом, пользователи могут просто наслаждаться быстрой торговлей с низким проскальзыванием.

 Узнайте больше об обучающих материалах по перекрестной цепочке и своп-цепочке канонических токенов для участия в торговле или фарме на Zenlink: https://link.medium.com/MmIpZ3DtInb

 Объявление в Твиттере: https://twitter.com/ZenlinkPro/status/1494227666945589251?s=20&t=DmPfeFi8cx2eLrzoc-z0PA


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