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Then the scale of the ad integrations will only grow, while the goal of DBX is to increase brand socialization and awareness as fast as possible. 

   Please find more detailed information on the official site of the project: DBX Network;
   As well as in social networks:

Telegram China Telegram Arab Telegram English Telegram Spain Telegram Rus Telegram Turk Telegram Farsi


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At the first stage, you need to print a poster and record a video on its background in which you talk about the project and the IEO being held. As a result, the Founder of the project will decide to approve your participation in the event as the organizer of the meetup and you will receive 3500 DBX airdrop.

Also, from the project team, I, as a guarantor, will be transferred 150 € in cryptocurrency, which I will send to you after you hold a meetup and submit photo / video materials created in accordance with the conditions for viewing.

Second phase. You invite at least 10 acquaintances, treat them with coffee and tea. You talk about the project. You record a video of your 15 minute speech and post it on Instagram and Twitter. Participants take selfies against the background of posters (at least 10 photos). They record video comments about the project. They post these materials in their social networks (at least two) with hashtags (I will inform you additionally). You register members using your referral link. Explain the benefits of participating in pre-sale.

Stage three. You must send links to photo and video materials created on the meetup to me in the form of a table (I will send an example).

Fourth stage. I check everything and all the participants in the meetup receive 3500 DBX to the addresses indicated in the table. I am sending you USDT equivalent to 150 € to reimburse the costs of organizing the meetup.

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What is usually not talked about during a crowdsale — we will say.
DBX Command word

🤫They are silent about this and are wildly shy, but we are for an eco-friendly digital positive, so we are ready to tell you that
DBX is for the team, it's not a child. This is a serious project, a rocket that is preparing to launch to other galaxies.

The goal is simple — to provide yourself, YOU, as well as the maximum number of people around the world with DeFi capabilities. 🎯

👉We are creating a trend for digital-positive, so that the business develops and grows, leaving barriers such as borders and sanctions behind.

😎Right now, the second stage of Starfall AIrdrop DBX is underway and💰you can get another 444 DBX, we remind you that you can manage the masternode with 500 platform tokens on your account.

There is very little time left before the launch of the IEO and entering the market. Hurry up to get the sweet tokens! Link to the bot: https://t.me/DBXAirDrop_bot

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