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e66568cd96fe.png - electronic and cryptocurrency exchange office. The site was created by a team of enthusiasts with experience in the financial sector: banking, cryptocurrency exchanges, forex brokers, online exchange services. Despite the fact that we are a young team, we are familiar with this business and all its nuances. Our goal is to provide users with the most comfortable conditions for converting digital assets into fiat and electronic money, online, at the most favorable rate, in the shortest possible time.


The main priority of our team is the protection of confidential data of customers and partners.

  • All data that is entered when making an exchange request is securely encrypted with an SSL certificate (a secure connection that ensures that the information that is transmitted from your browser to the server remains private);
  • A unique website template developed by a team of professionals, with the use of multi-level protection from outside interference;
  • On AnyExchange installed innovative software, from leading software developers, thanks to which currency conversion is fast and secure;
  • AnyExchange.Best implements effective internal procedures aimed at the AML/KYC policy.


The main advantages of cooperation with AnyExchange. best:

  1. Cryptocurrencies purchased on our site are checked for "dirt" using the UML Bot;
  2. Priority commission, on our part, when sending cryptocurrency;
  3. Increased attention to the security and data protection of site users;
  4. Highly qualified customer service;
  5. Multi-level loyalty program;
  6. Prompt processing of applications;
  7. A wide range of destinations that will constantly increase;
  8. Quickly replenished reserves;
  9. Multi-level program for working with partners;

Information pages of the site
Site Rules
Frequently Asked Questions
AML / KYC Policy
Safety recommendations

Official website:
Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @AnyExchangeBESTbot
Feedback form: Support
Online chat on the site - Быстро! Анонимно! Безопасно!

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Dear customers and partners!

Exchange service AnyExchange.Best, added to the monitoring of exchangers RatesGuru.
You can leave your feedback about the work of our site on the official page  Reputation


AnyExchange.Best - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe! - Быстро! Анонимно! Безопасно!

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Dear customers and partners of the company!

To make an exchange operation, with the maximum benefit, we offer you to use our loyalty program. All you need to do is register on our website anyexchange. best.

Users who have completed the full registration procedure have the right to use the cumulative discount system when exchanging crypto and electronic currencies.

Discount system:
0-15000 USD-0.05%
15000.01-50000 USD-0.075%
50000.01-250000 USD — 0.1%
250000.01-500000 USD-0.2%
over 500000-individual terms of cooperation

All calculations are made in dollars.

Read the full terms of participation in the loyalty program on the official website of - Quickly! Anonymously! Safe! - Быстро! Анонимно! Безопасно!

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Stellar Foundation eyes potential acquisition of MoneyGram


Stellar Development Foundation has contacted MoneyGram International about a potential purchase of the 81-year-old remittance giant, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday.


In May, San Francisco-based Stellar, a non-profit that supports a blockchain-based platform enabling consumers and institutions to move money, made a $15 million investment in AirTM, a digital wallet and peer-to-peer exchange platform based in Mexico. - Быстро! Анонимно! Безопасно!

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Mastercard adds a crypto track to its incubator program


Global payments giant Mastercard is adding a cryptocurrency and blockchain track to its Start Path incubator program for later-stage startups. 


Mastercard rival Visa has a similar program called Fast Track that has catered to a number of crypto startups looking to work with Visa and issue debit or credit cards.


As part of Mastercard’s new track, seven digital asset startups have joined: crypto custody platform GK8, non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Mintable, crypto investing firm Domain Money, blockchain oracle company SupraOracles, digital assets firm Taurus, blockchain infrastructure company STACS and digital finance platform Uphold. - Быстро! Анонимно! Безопасно!

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Bitcoin miners earned $971 million in revenue during July


Monthly data collected by The Block Research shows that during the month of July, bitcoin miners hauled in just over $970 million.


The monthly total was $971.83 million, including transaction fees, per The Block's Data Dashboard. Transaction fees -- or the funds paid by users as they use the bitcoin network -- came in at $27.59 million.


The vast majority of the monthly revenue was in the form of subsidy earnings, with each new bitcoin block producing 6.25 BTC. Miners make profits when the cost of running a bitcoin mining operation is lower than the subsidies plus transaction fees they earn.


The monthly revenue figure represented an increase from June's $839.09 million, but still down from the all-time monthly high of $1.75 billion seen in March.

Edited by AnyExchange - Быстро! Анонимно! Безопасно!

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Why is KYC Important for Crypto Exchanges?


Money laundering is one of the main financial problems all over the world in 2021. However, there are several ways to solve this problem. Among the most popular solutions, there are AML services that help to track your transactions and the implementation of KYC. Let’s consider why KYC is so important for crypto exchanges.


Trustful and transparent transactions


The principle of trustworthiness is very important for the owners of cryptocurrencies since crypto exchanges can have a rich history of hacking attacks and scandals. Due to the implementation of KYC procedures, exchanges can reach a high level of trustworthiness. Identity verification systems help identify customers of exchanges and differ frauds from legitimate customers. While KYC procedures are used, a new customer of the crypto exchange can be confident in trustworthiness and protection against criminals. This is especially essential for P2P exchanges where customers trade with each other without any third parties.


Which processes does KYC consist of?


KYC procedure consists of two main processes, including data collection and verification. There are main processes involved in the KYC procedure: Customer Identification Program (CIP) This is the main part of the KYC procedure. During this part, all the customer data are collected and verified. This process comes after the registration of customers at the exchange. 2. Customer Due Diligence (DD) After the verification of the customer’s data, a company needs to check the customer. The main purpose of the background test is the identification of probable risks. While performing a background test, a customer is checked whether they had been involved in fraud or no. 3. Ongoing Monitoring The main purpose of the ongoing monitoring process is to identify whether the data is actual or no. In addition, this procedure checks suspicious transactions. Depending on the results of the investigation, the exchange can bun the customer’s account and send the data to the regulatory structures. - Быстро! Анонимно! Безопасно!

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