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how I make $1500 in a month with jet-bot + review

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After testing crypto trading bots for months, I fell in love with jet-bot. With this bot, I made over $1500 in a month with just three lose deals totaling -$90, that means I just lost in 3 days out of 30 days, which is very impressive in the crypto world.

as a new user you only need to create the account, connect your exchange, and customize your bot to begin trading, the trading platform is also so simple and intuitive that even a beginner will easily recognize the important features.
This bot is also available in Telegram, which allows you to build bots, update settings, and get trading reports. 


What is jet-bot?

Jet-bot is an user friendly cloud-based cryptocurrency trading Bot that allows you to automate your crypto trading or copy other users bots, this bot using Binance to allows you to create a long or short automated position on your spot or future account based on trading signals.


Is this bot safe?

The bot places safety orders to ensure that you can profit even though the market goes against you, meaning that when the market begins to recover you start making profit, the more safety orders you set in the bot, the more profit you make when the market goes against you; you can set up to 99 safety orders per bot.


How much does the bot cost?

Monthly Subscription from $39/month or get 30% discount for 1 year plans

You will also get a 3-day free trial after creating your account.

Follow my link to create an account


This is a screenshot from my account after a one-month subscription with $3000 investment for two bots.




To start you journey of bot trading create an account on


If you don't trust screenshots and online web blogs, you can watch this review instead.

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