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How good is 2Captcha?

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On 10/5/2020 at 4:21 PM, Lemonboy700 said:

I have been recommended the 2Captcha page to generate income, but I do not know if it is a good idea to invest my money in that platform, do you think I can get a good income? Greetings to all.

well 2captcha is basically the same as kolotibablo, a page to make captchas. They usually give you a goal of 1000 captchas and each time you reach the goal they give you a reward. It is a good page, the only thing is that you have to have enough time to work it, 1000 captchas do not do them in 1 hour hehe

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2captcha is the best i can say. i usually pay my phone and internet by solving captchas in it has been almost three-four years that i am using this site.

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2Captcha è una piattaforma che ti consente di guadagnare denaro risolvendo captcha online. Questo lavoro è relativamente semplice, anche se un po 'monotono, ma ti permetterà di guadagnare soldi extra facilmente e al 100% gratuitamente.

È una pagina affidabile che è online dal 2016 ed è una delle pagine più affidabili in questo settore della trascrizione captcha. Accetta anche utenti da qualsiasi parte del mondo, quindi se provieni da paesi come il Venezuela o qualsiasi altro che è molto limitato in molte pagine per guadagnare soldi online, in 2Captcha puoi generare entrate senza alcun problema.

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2 captcha is the world shitest platform to make money they pay very less and you can make more money if you beg on roads hardly you will make 3 dollar while working at least 12 hour a day , so avoid it and do something different.

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2Captcha is an image, character and CAPTCH recognition service, it is a mechanism to start and get some profit, the work is hard and a bit tedious to reach the recognition goals, I recommend it for beginners

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On 10/5/2020 at 10:27 PM, Musta900 said:

In fact, I worked on it a lot and was earning from it, but I did not try to invest in this site🙂

can you send to me this sites. please if they can help you to earn some money

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We as a whole think about those annoying manual human tests that you need to finish for a site to try and accept you're a genuine person. We know them, and we fear them. For the vast majority of us, they're simply an exercise in futility hindering you from getting to the website page you need. 

Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which there were an approach to bring in cash by placing in those manual human test codes. In all honesty, one site really found a way. 

2Captcha is a site that began around 2016. Per the site's first page, they guarantee to have the option to pay you for "home information section work," which is extravagant stating for composing in a great many manual human tests. 

The greater inquiry at that point turns out to be: what amount of cash can you sensibly win with 2Captcha? Is it a real utilization of your time? We should make a plunge and investigate the subtleties on the site to choose for ourselves. 

2captcha fundamental 


2Captcha is a site that pays you to comprehend manual human test puzzles. The manual human tests for the most part contain a mutilated book inside a picture. 

A client ordinarily needs to type in the response to access a site so as to demonstrate they're not a robot. On the off chance that it's not composed effectively, you're compelled to invigorate the manual human test until you get the code right. 

For those in a period crunch or with a bustling timetable, manual human tests never really moderate them down. 

At the point when you register with 2Captcha, you can transfer the manual human test you need to be replied, and inside a normal of 12 seconds, 2Captcha gets somebody to illuminate the manual human test for you. On the furthest edge of that, for each manual human test you fathom and transfer back to 2Captcha, you get paid. 


Contingent upon your way of life and duties, you may have various robotized undertakings you have to finish without really waiting be available for them. 

At the point when those robotized undertakings include going to different sites, that is the place 2Captcha comes in. 2Captcha specialists are conveying on normal 10,000 manual human tests for each moment, all day long. That is a ton of robotization! 

Those 2Captcha specialists need to originate from some place, however, and that is the place you can come in. For individuals who need to bring in cash in their extra time, think they have a quick composing speed, or really appreciate explaining manual human tests, cash can be made. 


As a 2Captcha laborer, there are a couple various techniques you can use to bring in cash; there are various sorts of manual human tests accessible for you to endeavor to tackle. Ordinary, fundamental manual human tests, large manual human tests, ReCaptcha v2 tokens, and ReCaptcha v2 pictures are for the most part accessible to illuminate. 

While every one of these kinds of manual human tests permits you to gain various sums, they additionally fluctuate in trouble. Legitimately, the more troublesome the manual human test task is, the more you will be paid for it. 


The central issue for 2Captcha is exactly the amount you can procure with the program. For the typical, essential manual human tests, you can win anyplace somewhere in the range of $0.25 and $0.60 for each 1,000 manual human tests you unravel. These are the basic manual human tests where you see the twisted content on a picture and type out what letters/numbers you see. 

For the little manual human test bewilders that request you to mark a crate that says, "I'm not a robot," at times it requests that you check further that you're a person by addressing a picture puzzle question. This is a straightforward recognizable proof riddle, for example, denoting all pictures with a vehicle in them. 

For these "I'm not a robot" puzzles, also called ReCaptcha v2 picture puzzles, 2Captcha pays $1 to $2 for each 1,000 unraveled. It's most likely acceptable to note here that you are needed to download programming for 2Captcha when settling these specific kinds of riddles. 

Close to each manual human test puzzle you endeavor to illuminate, it will show the rate you will win for that puzzle. You can likewise utilize that as a premise to average the amount you would be paid out for a specific measure of work or time spent working. 

We separated it on our side and crunched the numbers, and relying upon how quick you can finish manual human tests, you can complete 1,000 of every a little under three hours. This requires comprehending at any rate six manual human tests for each moment. 

At last, you'd win $1 to $2 an hour at the maximum for the genuine work at 2Captcha. This may not seem like a ton of cash in the event that you are in North America, however it very well may be a nice measure of cash contingent upon where you live. There is additionally another way you can bring in cash with the site. 

Reference PROGRAM 

You gain through each reference you welcome to the site that signs up with your reference code. On the off chance that you can persuade your companions, relatives, and even different aliens to join utilizing your code, you gain 10% of all that they procure. 

On the off chance that you get a little armed force to fathom manual human tests for you, you can win without settling a huge number of manual human tests a day yourself. Else, you may not generally have the option to procure enough on 2Captcha to warrant working for them. 


Getting paid $1 a day isn't tempting for the vast majority, so obviously, individuals will attempt to get paid by 2Captcha without really accomplishing the work. There are a ton of "2Captcha stunts" individuals will utilize – generally programming projects – that will tackle manual human tests without requiring human help. 

I am no master in this, yet I speculate that if 2Captcha found out about you doing this, they would boycott you rapidly. Additionally, if this product were promptly accessible, for what reason wouldn't 2Captcha simply buy the product themselves and quit utilizing genuine laborers? 

To me, 2Captcha stunts sound unrealistic and hazardous to your likely record. 


2Captcha is a legitimate organization. I have gone through a lot of cash with them, so I realize it unquestionably has cash to pay the individuals it sub-contracts. As referenced already, the compensation may not be exceptionally high, however there are not a great deal of grievances about 2Captcha not paying individuals. 

Actually, I found an individual who gives installment evidence that 2Captcha has sent him cash without issue:

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