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Eer Hermanto

Benefits of the stop-limit feature for trading

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This is really good. The stop limit feature really helps a lot especially when it comes to options trading this feature helps you to minimize your losses and gives you another opportunity to make a different decision when trading

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We have the same strategy when trading. I also like everyday business. Because I am one of those who can't wait long so long term trading is not suitable for me I think it is normal that we lose during trading but the amount of profit is definitely

Having this stop-locks feature is very necessary and protects us from sudden losses, especially since we cannot monitor business directly 24 hours a day, and to set this feature we need to free ourselves from its ambition.

Continuing to monitor the agreement can lead to a lot of tension and concern, so we have to remain neutral until the agreement comes to a close. I place stop-locks orders in a place away from every disaster that could happen for the moment in the market

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I think it's very important to set stop limit in trading. This feature is used by many traders to avoid unnecessary loose of money in trading. If the price of coin goes down the stop limit will prevent you from loosing. 

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I am in trading, I do not use a stop loss and monitor my trades closely, I set my target and go ahead and wait for the target to be reached, and in the event of a price reversal, I consolidate the position, but I have not closed at a loss.

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