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Who We Are?

 The name of the Company is Genesis Crypto Technology MesChain (MES).

Vision Statement

 MES Token promises to become a world leader in the market by developing a
platform in the field of manufacturing execution systems and a solution source based
on Blockchain technology preferred by companies that need technological support.

Mission Statement

 Our mission is to contribute to the development of the business industry with
new technologies and facilitate decentralization with the support of the Blockchain
community. We deeply believe in the growth of businesses and the increasing role of
technology in our society. MesChain will be at the center of the new movement by
acting as a unique platform for developing Industry 4.0 systems with its highly reliable

Introduction to MesChain (MES)

 MesChain, which will be able to manage and control over the developing and
revolutionary Blockchain system, will be used to create autonomous systems through
smart contracts and ensure privacy. It aims to minimize the cost of entrepreneurs to
store and control all data by storing all data on the blockchain through the Internet.

 MesChain is a great and revolutionary project that will enable entrepreneurs to
take control and analysis of their initiatives in one place and at the cheapest costs.
MesChain, which aims to initially serve in the textile industry, will be gradually used in
other industries.

 This MesChain project, which will provide great benefits and information to its
first investors and users with its initiation and progression, will create an unrivaled
product that will come to mind as the first choice in all industries by using Blockchain





MesChain is a great and revolutionary project that allows them to control and analyze systems in their labor-intensive factories in one place and at the lowest cost.


Coming soon Meschain,
White Paper:

Thank you for supporting our project.

Website: https://www.meschain.io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MesChainproject/
Vk: https://vk.com/meschain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeschainMES
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meschainmes/

Announcements: https://t.me/Meschain_announcements
🇬🇧 : https://t.me/MesChain_English
🇹🇷 : https://t.me/Meschain_Turkiye
🇨🇳 : https://t.me/MesChain_China
🇰🇷 : https://t.me/MesChain_Korean
🇯🇵 : https://t.me/MesChain_Japan
🇷🇺 : https://t.me/MesChain_Russia
Africa: https://t.me/MesChain_Africa






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What is MesChain ?

mes token

Problem Situation?

To negotiate and stay profitable in today’s market, the production set-up time needs to improve product development, reduce production costs and minimize time delivery while meeting quality standards. Do better and faster operation to do this.  But how can a production plant be efficiently, cost-effectively monitored, optimized and synchronized to all moving rooms and real-time events in the production facility? Instead, it causes a number of problems.

problems.png •Waste of resource
•Waste of time
•Lack of available software
•Difficulty to control the production site
•Failure to achieve targeted quality
solutions.png •Achieve targeted quality
•Production in the targeted time with controlled production process
•1. Quality product production with quality control system
•Controlling dozens of factors, such as production stages, personnel and machinery, from a single center
•Unlike existing software, it offers blockchain solutions in production area

How does a Manufacturing Application System work in a textile factory?

A Mes system consists of a server that obtains the required database through information collected by the software. This program connects to other networks or devices via the digital interconnection system of everyday objects, such as printers or barcode readers, called the Internet of Things (IoT).

When we talk about a textile manufacturing company, the first thing this software does; to organize the planning process, taking into account the available materials and resources to plan how the production process is done. In addition to assigning each part of the process to the worker it considers feasible, it is going to determine how all steps will be taken and which elements will be involved in the preparation of different textile products.

After diligently looking at the workflow in planning, it is going to be responsible for initiating and monitoring in real time, allowing it to identify the correct working areas of the industry and correct any errors that may arise during it.

Production Eventually it manages the quality. That is, it monitors whether the product has been obtained well and checks whether the acquired features are necessary to continue sending or distributing it.


Meschain Whitepaper

Meschain Website

Meschain Twitter

Meschain Telegram

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4.0 Revolutionary Meschain Product Review

GettyImages-1001828008 (3)-min


From the onset, the nature of humans has been to quest for more natural ways to achieve better results. This has been the drive that brought about major technological inventions. The newer technology-related approaches are more efficient and do not consume as much time as traditional methods. This vision to always improve and existing competition has helped shape the structure of the manufacturing industry and other sectors. This thirst for constant improvement birth the MesChain technology to ease up manufacturing process with less labor.

MesChain is a product of Genesis Crypto Technology. MesChain affords manufacturing companies the distinctive advantages of blockchain technology while maintaining the highest level of security. MesChain can help manufacturing companies to document in real-time their operational activities from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process in a step by step mode.

More so, MesChain, if fully incorporated by manufacturing business, can use its blockchain technology to track stock records, materials and equipment wear, and tears, working hours, current numbers of staff more effectively with less human resources. MesChain, through its versatility, can monitor all services, record physical goods, and enhance payment processes at modest fees.


Why MesChain?

MesChain offers a second to none operational service in the aspect of manufacturing execution systems and serves as a problem-solving avenue that is based on blockchain technology, which is a need by manufacturing companies. In these systems, every member possesses a unique access key that cannot be accessed by even the platform managers. Therefore, there is increased reliability in the system. MesChain has an incorporated guarantee system that allows any problem that arises to be swiftly handled. Consequently, MesChain targets to begin its services in the textile industry, but through the outstanding nature of allowing businesses owners to take full charge of their businesses and record their innovations in one place at minimum cost, it will in no time, spread across board for use in other industries.


4.0 Revolutionary Meschain Product Review


 How MesChain can help the Manufacturing Industry

There are typical areas where MesChain adds the most value to manufacturing


1. Planning: the MesChain software helps to organize the operation process. The step by step organization of things is done while factoring the amount of labor and the resources available for efficient actualization. It also takes care of worker’s job assignments according to their specialization, and all these are done in little time.


2. Manufacturing Tracking and Traceability: Meschain can track in real-time manufacturing activities and allow for on-time identification of areas that are efficient and other areas that are lagging. This will enable swift corrections of errors that can arise during the manufacturing process.


3. Quality: In the manufacturing industry, quality is a critical factor as there are several competitions. MesChain, through its blockchain background, can use a set of predefined rules to acknowledge product quality and flag inferiority or pass it for distribution.



Advantages of Meschain

# Avoid instances of wastage to the minimum

#Effective tracking of working hours

#Improved inventory system

#Allows for better decision making

#Enhancement of product quality

#Its helps to bolster up productivity

#Adequate tracking of the machine and operator performance

#Reduced overall production costs.



Coinmarketcap  Services.


MES Token 👉 Buy 

👉 MesChain Blog — Website
Website — Visit Site

Whitepaper — Read Whitepaper 
Telegram — Join Group 
Telegram — Join Channel 

Twitter — View Twitter Account 
Facebook — Visit Company Page 
Reddit —Visit Reddit Page  
Medium — Visit Medium Page




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We are delighted to announce that we have reached partnership with Swft Blockchain (https://t.me/swfcoin) and $MES will be available for Payments and Swap with over 200 Cryptocurrencies on SWFTBlockchain starting December 11, 2019


Coinmarketcal https://coinmarketcal.com/en/event/video-contest-starts-28726

MES Token 👉 Buy https://www.cointiger.com/en-us/#/trade_center?coin=mes_eth

Say goodbye to payment with just a single cryptocurrency

Say hello to SWFT Pay, a one-stop instant exchange, payment aggregation platform with access to all major cryptocurrencies payment channels and with 99.99% system availability. SWFT Pay is the most flexible tool for your payment needs.

more info: https://blog.meschain.io/
sign up now: www.swft.pro

🍏 iOS App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/swft/id1435569339

🤖 Google Play: http://bit.ly/SWFTandroid

🌐 Web Transfer: transfer.swft.pro

👉 MesChain Blog — Website (https://blog.meschain.io/)
🌐 Website — Visit Site (https://meschain.io/)
📑 Whitepaper — Read Whitepaper (https://meschain.io/wp-content/uploads/…/10/MES-WP-EN-V2.pdf)
📧 Telegram — Join Group (https://t.me/MesChain_English)
🔈 Telegram — Join Channel (https://t.me/Meschain_announcements)
🕊 Twitter — View Twitter Account (https://twitter.com/MeschainMES)
📘 Facebook — Visit Company Page (https://www.facebook.com/MesChainproject)
🐣 Reddit —Visit Reddit Page (https://www.reddit.com/user/MesChain)
📝 Medium — Visit Medium Page (https://medium.com/@meschain)

#blockchainnews #blockchain #blockchaintechnology #bitcoin 


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How to know that this project is honest and not another scam project?  there are so many scammer in the crypto space that these days it is more difficult to trust the new ones.

  • -5 1

Earn bitcoin Satoshis every hour, by doing click on the roll button. Make sure to enter your own bitcoin address! Register here:


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Eurasia Blockchain Summit Istanbul — MesChain Team Achievement


Eurasian blockchain summit review

Meschain team has received extensive attention. The fact that our project is different drew attention. We have a real product. And has a structure associated with blockchain? Our plan is in the real sector and the world of economy. The world of economics is at a distance from crypto investment. But meschain attracts the attention of the actual industry and the world of the economy with MES products. We had positive interviews at the academic level.

Our Istanbul event was very productive. We hear our explanations briefly.
We had the opportunity to explain our project with our existing product. This was very important for new investors. (You can take advantage of your phone as soon as you can.)
We provided interviews with our teachers, who supported the chaining activities in blocks. We received significant responses in terms of suggestions and support. We had a conversation with our teacher about MES’s headquarters and the scope of Meschain. He stated that he found the service area of our project very different. He invited us to Izmir. -We have received suggestions from MesChain and expanding the details in the future area with our professor at YTU, working on Industry 4.0 and Blockchain.
We had the opportunity to explain our project to the representatives of Korea with the Seedvc Korea marketing team. Also, the Seedvc team appeared in an amiable atmosphere. We have friends in Korea now.
TUBITAK BILGEM, Media Dealers, BTC magazines, SOSTAINTECH Koin Media, Sabanci University Blockchain Ensemble in many areas such as joint studies and evaluations have provided interviews.
I want to plan the words of our instructor at YTU, “I visited all the stands. Generally known ideas about payment and similar issues. Your project here offers a variety here.” We have received a lot of different and motivating comments like this. We continue to work to get concrete results.

Some of the picture of this event :

For More information visit :

Website: https://www.meschain.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeschainMES
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MeschainMES
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meschainmes/
Vk: https://vk.com/meschain

🇬🇧 : https://t.me/MesChain_English
🇹🇷 : https://t.me/Meschain_Turkiye
🇨🇳 : https://t.me/MesChain_China
🇰🇷 : https://t.me/MesChain_Korean
🇯🇵 : https://t.me/MesChain_Japan
🇷🇺 : https://t.me/MesChain_Russia
Africa: https://t.me/MesChain_Africa







MesChain project adds Revain Widget + new competition 🚨


Revain is happy to announce Revain Widget integration by MesChain project. The Widget will allow MesChain users to see and leave reviews about the project right from its website. 

To celebrate the integration, we are launching competition! Study MesChain project and write long and detailed review on it. https://revain.org/projects/meschain

️Reward for a review is 5 RVN
💰3 best reviews defined by Revain Team will receive 10 RVN

Learn about MesChain: https://meschain.io/
Revain Widget is installed on the main page at the bottom of the website.

MesChain is a tech-advanced company committed to reforming the world with digital currency and technology. It provides software information systems in the most efficient state aims and blockchain solutions in industrial production.


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Revain coin, which has a significant place in the market and has a social platform.
By participating in the event organized by Revain, you can evaluate our project and win prizes.


Revain https://revain.org/

Revain&MesChain  https://revain.org/projects/meschain



👉 MesChain Blog — Website https://blog.meschain.io/
🌐 Website — Visit Site https://meschain.io/

📑 Whitepaper — Read Whitepaper https://meschain.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/MES-WP-EN-V2.pdf
📧 Telegram — Join Group https://t.me/MesChain_English
🔈 Telegram — Join Channel https://t.me/Meschain_announcements
🕊 Twitter — View Twitter Account https://twitter.com/MeschainMES
📘 Facebook — Visit Company Page https://www.facebook.com/MesChainproject
🐣 Reddit —Visit Reddit Page https://www.reddit.com/user/MesChain
📝 Medium — Visit Medium Page https://medium.com/@meschain




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SWFT Blockchain & MesChain Partnership
SWFT Blockchain | Register Refer to Receive Millions of Airdrops.
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We are celebrating our partnership with Meschain
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#Airdrops #ICO #bounty


👉 MesChain Blog — Website 
Website — Visit Site 
📑 Whitepaper — Read Whitepaper 
📧 Telegram — Join Group 
Telegram — Join Channel 
Twitter — View Twitter Account 
📘 Facebook — Visit Company Page https://www.facebook.com/MesChainproject
🐣 Reddit —Visit Reddit Page https://www.reddit.com/user/MesChain
📝 Medium — Visit Medium Page 


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💪 Who wants to earn some $MES?
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We are celebrating our partnership with Meschain
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SWAP MES with over 200 cryptocurrencies.

MES Token 👉 Buy https://www.cointiger.com/en-us/#/trade_center?coin=m..

👉 MesChain Blog — Website https://blog.meschain.io/
🌐 Website — Visit Site
(https://meschain.io/)📑 Whitepaper — Read Whitepaper https://meschain.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/MES-WP..
📧 Telegram — Join Group https://t.me/MesChain_English
🔈 Telegram — Join Channel https://t.me/Meschain_announcements
🕊 Twitter — View Twitter Account https://twitter.com/MeschainMES
📘 Facebook — Visit Company Page https://www.facebook.com/MesChainproject
🐣 Reddit —Visit Reddit Page https://www.reddit.com/user/MesChain
📝 Medium — Visit Medium Page https://medium.com/@meschain

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We are pleased to announce our partnership with CoinNess (CNNS).

What is CoinNess?:
CNNS: The token of Asia's largest crypto information platform
CNNS is the platform token of CoinNess, Asia's largest crypto information provider. The CNNS token is projected to bear the responsibility of value exchange and interaction medium within the CoinNess ecosystem consist of hundreds of blockchain startups and projects.

👍1. Fastest 7x24 hours blockchain big news
👍2. Track whales move in real time
👍3. Professional signal and strategy
👍4. Interact with 3,6 million users all over the world
👍5. Install app+share news+invite new friends, you can get more than 3000CNNS=18$!

Download from here: http://m.coinness.com/en-gb/download-prokol?channelCode=prokol_12

⚙Use Links:
Website: https://CoinNess.com
Telegram: @coinnessofficial
Channel: @CoinNessGlobal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinNessCom

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🔊We have a new partnership with TokenTuber!🔊


- Choose the best video explaining MesChain on TokenTuber

- Qualify for 3750 MES Token ( 0.5$ ) MesChain awards by selecting the Best MesChain Video.


- Voting End: 10 January 2020


1- Register with our Token tuber reference

2- Choose the best MesChain video and comment.

3- Register Please
Twitter — https://twitter.com/MeschainMES


Don't forget to fill in the forum for the prize👉



MES Token 👉 Buy https://www.cointiger.one/#/register?refCode=MxZOn8

MES Token 👉 Swap https://swap.swftcoin.com/swft-v3/InviteSignup-pc.html?referrer=1442215


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On 01.01.2020 at 15:47, Irin3 said:

2002'den beri icat edilmesine rağmen henüz teknik inceleme yok.

Can you show the source. Your article doesn't tell anything.

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The project seems interesting, but I would like to ask you how much the token price is at the present time, when the initial selling stage will end and on what exchange the token will be included. I would also like to ask you whether or not Airdrop has ended.

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We will sponsor the Iot Eurasia Summit, which will be held on February 11, 2020 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, where more than 500 senior executives will attend, as well as industry-by-sector study of the latest technology trends in Internet of things, energy, health, manufacturing, utilities, transport, finance workshops and seminars. https://iot-eurasia.com/sponsors-2020/

Why Attend?

IoT EurAsia brings together 500+ cross-industry leaders from across Europe and Asia. Looking at real business opportunities and the revenue potential of today’s digital transformation, this is the event to make sure your company doesn’t get left behind! Network with global experts and meet the local game-changers to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition.

Key Topics Include:

  • Blockchain
  • IoT Platform Selection
  • Smart Manufacturing Solutions
  • Expected IoT Trends
  • Connected Risk – Security Challenges
  • AI & Future
  • Cloud Services

Who is attending?


2020 Sponsors



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It is a good project to make money and I think a lot of people will use it. I'm studying the possibility of investing in it, but how do we know that it is not fraudulent.

Edited by aymandr

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MesToken👊 you didn't said any more info, what is the kind of token? ERC-20 token or what???

So are you have partners from Vodafone business😕 something i think the project has something unvisible can you detail more?

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Here’s why you should vote for SWFTC in the Binance Community Coin Vote

This short bullet point guide will help you see what makes SWFT Blockchain great and why SWFTC deserves your vote!

MesChain and its community support our partner. Please vote for SWFT Blockchain.




MES Token 👉 SWFTC Wallet https://swap.swftcoin.com/swft-v3/InviteSignup.html?referrer=1442215

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► Telegram ► https://t.me/MesChain_English


Full Autonomous Technical Features;

– The system has a 2500W battery.

The charging time of this system is an average of 1 hour, while it is fully charged and at full power, it can disinfect the area of 576m2 for an average of 5 hours.

– The charging time can be extended by adjusting the UVC rays in the system according to the ambient size.

– When someone approaches the device while UVC rays are active, the system turns off the UVC rays thanks to the sensors and gives a warning to the approaching person.

– With 4 cameras on it, environmental images are controlled by the computer.

– Movement control of the device is done with 4 different methods. These.

1- With the android software we prepared, via tablet or phone application,

2- With the software we have prepared based on PC, it can be controlled both by camera and with the help of sensors.

3- It can be controlled with the existing 7 inch touch screen on the device.

4- It can act autonomously.
– Mobility of the system is very flexible. It can go instantly at desired angles.
For example, it can move instantly at an angle of 90 ° or 45 °.

– UVC rays are German production and OSRAM or PHILIPS are used.

– The system’s operating times can be adjusted and automatically turn on / off.

– The control unit on the system is 200Mhz, it can detect and interpret environmental changes in a very short time.

– With the help of the actuator on the system, it has the feature of raising the UVC lights according to the ambient condition.

UVC-ROBOT-MONTAJI-F2-150x150.png UVC-ROBOT-MONTAJI-F5-150x150.png UVC-ROBOT-MONTAJI-F1-150x150.png uv2-150x150.jpg UVC-Robot-150x150.png uv3-150x150.jpg

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New Token on Uniswap : MesChain



About MesChain

MesChain (MES) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform. MesChain has a current supply of 7,000,000,000 with 774,677,652 in circulation. The last known price of MesChain is $0.000685 USD and is up 46.23% over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 4 active market(s) with $66,357.09 traded over the last 24 hours. More information can be found at https://www.meschain.io.


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New token launch on #NULS SCO Platform.


is now available to participate in at https://pocm.nuls.io/pocm/Projects/ProjectsInfo?releaseId=71


You can stake #NULS and earn #MES from as little as '100' NULS. More projects joining NULS #SCO Platform soon! Read more: https://nuls.medium.com/meschain-automates-manufacturing-with-nuls-nerve-25d2a2a7d4ad



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