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Virtual Mining

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Virtual Mining

Dear YoBit Users!

Check screenshots of our happy Miners owners: CryptoTalk.Org

With every purchase cost of all miners increases by 0.1%!
Hurry to buy cheaper!

Yobit Virtual Mining - get income in tokens every day!

- Micro Miner:
Est Daily Btc: 0.00034 , USD: $3.77, Monthly Btc: 0.01084, USD: $116.87

- Light Miner:
Est Daily Btc: 0.00380 , USD: $41.96, Monthly Btc: 0.1205, USD: $1300.76

- Standart Miner:
Est Daily Btc: 0.02138 , USD: $230.82, Monthly Btc: 0.6629, USD: $7155.42

- Pro Miner:
Est Daily Btc: 0.04667 , USD: $503.62, Monthly Btc: 1.4463, USD: $15612.22

- Vip Miner:
Est Daily Btc: 0.29160 , USD: $3147.66, Monthly Btc: 9.0396, USD: $97577.46

- When buying a miner, 90%-85% of btc funds goes to buy support for the Minex (Virtual Mining Token) in Minex/BTC trade pair
- With every purchase of a miner, the Minex/BTC support price increases by 0.1%
- 10% of the cost of the miner goes to the buyback of the Yo token (in the Yo/BTC pair)

Try it now:

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    • directly withdraw your earnings to your bank account because cryptotalk and yobit rewards us with bitcoin not with real cash or currency of your country... You will need to exchange your btc to usd first then you can get the money to your bank through PayPal or others.We can withdraw in any of the listed coins or tokens but not in bank. So if you want to take the money in bank then you must use a platform like exchange localbitcoins or paxful. 
    • After that clich on the signature logo. Then you will get box of typing.Type your signature. Save that.Then you will get your signature in every next posts.well cause even signatures that are not abiding by the rules can get you account deleted, so read the rules before creating.
    • I also see a great future for etherium, now the etherium price is around 1200$ and i beileve it'll reach 2000$ at least in this year. I beileve bitcoin dominance will start to decrease 1 or 2 months later and etherium will take a profit from that. Not just etherium every other altcoins will gain value.
    • Пожалуй это TrustWallet . Он уже давно в интернете,его полюбили многие. Комиссии там не такие большие.Так что думаю он будет лучшим из всех 3 кошельков перечисленных в статье.
    • both are helpful however you can ensure your benefit in putting since certain offers revenue in your speculations without sitting idle, as in yobit you can put resources into miniature coin you can acquire 1% ordinarily with it. Putting away is acceptable as well on the off chance that you get it in low value, at that point when the bull run comes you can get your benefit in that coin.
    • Бы вают такие люди, ноесть такие люди которые продают информацию, выдают себя за очень опытных трейдеров но на деле они ничего не понимают, ну а люди ведутся на их курсы, которые на самом деле ничему их не научат
    • Я уже давно использую Stacking И лаунчпад от бинанса, и могу сказать что мне это нравится! это приносит неплохую прибыль и даже на том же листинге монетки риф я понял около 30 % к банку банку за пять дней, просто продав риф за 0,25 $ за штуку.  Думаю ещё прикупить Бнб монет, когда будет неплохая такая коррекция, и он шлепнется где-то на уровень 30 $.
    • The most important thing for all beginners they must read all guidelines of the forum because if he break forum rules get some warning points and that is not good for their reputation other most important thing is if you do not have much knowledge than you cannot create a new topic in this forum
    • We don't really have to use a timer because when you submit your posts under the interval time, it will show a message on how much time left before you can submit your post again. There is nothing wrong about using a timer, if this makes you comfortable while you work then it's good. Also sometimes we won't really notice the 3 minutes interval time because we will take some time when we write.
    • Он уже сейчас дал толчок для повторного роста и не просел обратно, поэтому мне кажется, что биткоин готовится "вылетать", поэтому его холдеры сейчас будут очень внимательно за ним наблюдать. Я и сам хотел бы роста биткоина, если честно. 
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