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SCAM monitoring

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Hello all! Today I decided to create SCAM topic on this forum. I didn't find simile info on the forum and I think it will be usefull for all members. Let's post all info about scammers here to save time, money and health))
Guys, we want to earn from internet, every day we see new projects and think to earn, but 99% of this projects are scammers and we will not receive nothing.
My first scam alert is Vizercoin.
I made registration and received 0.05 ETH on my balance. They promised withdraw from 20 July 2020. They have bounty and staking for earn more. Yestrday I made deposit to staking and lost this money. Support answer me)) Let me show you proofs and maybe I can save other from loosing money1.thumb.png.75d482d30f3a7d1413055d95bbc8ec44.png14.png.9b0fea37f0baa0f9cb396cd7b77cae3c.png15.png.b128736f6a52e6582a5c334e31475a7e.png16.thumb.png.1c824fe66f0d77427eba7d5976dc33f8.png7777777777.thumb.png.36865a68586d07c51d0f793a91d20dcf.pngice_screenshot_20200702-141202.thumb.png.898864b227757dda40a66052002951d6.pngice_screenshot_20200702-141333.thumb.png.ce3e8018035639207449f47614da7bca.pngice_screenshot_20200702-141333.thumb.png.ce3e8018035639207449f47614da7bca.pngice_screenshot_20200702-142840.thumb.png.78e9d543ff7ad25ad4a4f9dafe44f822.pngice_screenshot_20200702-143829.thumb.png.acb626db523414acca300a5be8672bc4.png




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