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FAQ по новой сис-ме оплаты и оценок

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    • Естественно) Мне кажется то, что вы просто пользуетесь браузером и вам будет капать около 1000р в месяц, это уже что то интересное.
    • Однозначно работает, но думаю что патруль тоже хорошо играет свою роль.На прайме читеров почти нет, что только радует, остались они все на нон-прайме.Так что надеюсь его будут только обновлять, нет желания уходить из игры.
    • I want to buy some cryptocurrencies not only bitcoin at a very low price in order to increase my profit. There are many people who are afraid of to invest in the bitcoin or they don't know the right time for investment.  
    • Ну поднять пару раз по 10% при качании цены в первый час точно можно будет, но риск уйти в минус тоже никуда не делся) Посмотрим быстрее бы уж -а то ждать и ждать перегрев уже)
    • Вот совсем недавно была новость о том, что США хочет либо запретить такие биржи, либо же чтобы они сделали так, чтобы все их пользователи должны были обязательно пройти эту верификацию, из за чего биток немного просел в цене, поэтому и думаю, что такое вполне возможно конечно.
    • Your topic "Every long Journey starts with a single step" is awesome . In the event that you're new here, the primary step you ought to take is to ponder everything related to the gathering rules. After this, you may feel beyond any doubt how to take part without breaking the rules which is what your second step will ensure, which is to form your to begin with 100 distributions and this can be where you have got to stand out by appearing merely will be a Useful and valuable part for the gathering.
    • welcome to cryptotalk family..there are a lot of chance to earn money..but if don't know this you cant do work here properly..so i want say you that getting knowledge is important in here.. then you have  to refresh your mind  to work here.
    • dear i agree with all of you because if we don't try it is useless because if we intend to do something they start but we don't work hard to do it  Or if we don't try, then what is the use of such work because when we can't achieve our goal, that's why we need to try to achieve something. We have to work very hard to achieve it.we should workhard. Hard work and achievement means gaining knowledge about academic skills and achieving its goals.If we do not work hard we will not be able to achieve anything. That is why hard work is very important for us. If we try hard we can achieve the greatest success. It is impossible to achieve anything without hard work.
    • This forum provides you with knowledge about cryptocurrencies. You will find many users who provide you with this knowledge through useful topics. I am here to read and ask questions and gain knowledge and money without wasting time.
    • your question is so good and i have the answer and the information about that , so read my typing to understand me brother , Yes obviously all of us are enjoying winter mate and yes you can take break from this forum whenever you want it will not affect your id and you can use this again whenever you want but you will not be for that specific time when you will not work on this forum , so that all my information about what you asked , so good luck for you and evevry buddy here .
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