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Found 4 results

  1. A study revealed that in the third quarter of the year 28 billion dollars were spent on applications Due to social distancing measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have turned to their mobile devices to perform tasks that they previously did in physical spaces, such as working, studying and socializing. In addition, they have been one of the best entertainment options. Reasons why, among other things, there has been a record number of app sales in recent months. According to a new report by App Annie, a data analytics firm for the mobile applications market, during the third quarter of the year 33 billion new applications were downloaded worldwide and users spent 28 billion dollars on apps, a 20% more year after year. Consequently, the report notes, in the months of July, August and September people also spent more than 180 billion hours using apps, an increase of 25% compared to 2019. The analytics firm had already signaled in the first months of 2020 that the pandemic would have a lasting impact on consumer mobile behavior. The current figures confirm the prediction. In fact, they estimate that the market advanced at least two years in considering the pace it was taking. To detail The study shows that Google Play downloads grew 10% year over year. While iOS accounted for almost 9 billion downloads, 20% more than last year. Non-game apps on Google Play made up 55% of those downloads, while on iOS the figure was 70%, slightly higher. The top markets for downloads included India, Brazil and Mexico on Google Play, while on iOS the top two continued to be the United States and China. The study also revealed how the "new normal" in our country drove the download of certain apps. Thus, as students in Mexico joined distance classes, downloads of education applications grew by 25% and library and presentation applications grew by 270%. Moreover, as US consumers turned to the outdoors to find activities amid business closings, apps in the Travel, Boating and Weather categories saw strong growth of 50%, 25% and 15%, respectively. Games, Tools and Entertainment worldwide drove Google Play downloads. And in iOS Games, Photo and Video and Entertainment remained the top categories for five consecutive quarters. Expenses App Annie also highlights that on iOS, spending grew 20% this year to $ 18 billion. While Google Play experienced an increase of 35% and reached 10 billion. Non-game apps accounted for 35% of that spend on iOS and 20% on Google Play, largely thanks to subscriptions. The main markets where consumers bought apps were the United States and Japan in both app stores, with the addition of South Korea for Google Play. “Increased consumer spending on apps could also be linked to the pandemic. For example, Games, Social, and Entertainment were the largest categories by consumer spending on Google Play. And within the Entertainment category, spending was driven by streaming apps, including Disney +, Twitch, Globo Play and HBO Max, apps that may have benefited from more consumers staying home for entertainment. " The winning apps According to the study, TikTok became the number two app for consumer spending outside of games, thanks to increases in virtual tips for streamers. However, the highest quarterly growth in spending, outside of games, was driven by comic book app piccoma, YouTube, Tinder, and AbemaTV. Disney + also jumped one spot to reach number four in the world. However, in terms of monthly active users, Facebook still dominated the charts, occupying position one, followed by other apps that belong to the company: WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. The next most used applications were Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, TikTok and Telegram. Games were one of the most important categories, Users spent more than 20 billion on games in the third quarter, a record. In addition, they reached 14 billion downloads.
  2. Mediatonic has announced that they are working on an android version, meanwhile people have made "ports" of the game for Android, which are a blatant copy and most have been eliminated by Mediatonic's warning to the Play Store, many players of mobiles are looking forward to this delivery. In addition, Mediatonic knows something, Among Us, which is the main rival and the game that dethroned Fall Guys, its main number of players is found on Mobiles, since it is free on mobiles and is more comfortable, while Fall Guys is only found for PS4 and PC, when Fall Guys launches its game for Mobiles we will see who wins this very close battle, in my opinion when Fall Guys comes out for Android and is released in F2p form, the majority of Among Us players will be stolen as it will be something new and novel for the mobile community. If they perform a great optimization on most devices and it meets the expectations of users, it will undoubtedly be in the top of the best games, If there are already ways to play Fall Guys on mobile phones, but it is a way through streaming to your cell phone where what you do is use your cell phone as a gamepad and screen, but if the game is running on your pc, these programs require a good internet speed and some are inconvenient to use
  3. COMMUNITY APP Predict, learn and earn Bitcoin with zero risk. Join over 1000's players to win a piece of the prize pool of up to $500,000. Become a Premium User and pay 0% Commission for BTC and CHSB. Voting Rights Participate in the Future of SwissBorg by Voting in our Referendums Every Day can vote Forecast of BTC to win up 10.000 CHSB Download App at and use Invite-Code: 46NAO4Q COMING SOON A Revolution in Crypto Investing A simple and fair wealth management ecosystem powered by blockchain technology, putting your wealth back in your hands. WEALTH APP Our Cutting-Edge Crypto Investment App We take the guess-work out of investing in cryptos with a secure & easy-to-use app that puts the control of cryptos in your hands. Coming soon to iOS and Android. Download App at and use Invite-Code: 46NAO4Q #Airdrop #Token #ERC20 #Freecoin #Bounty #Contest # Referral #Crypto #Wallet #Ethereum #Exchange #Network #Competition #Cyptocurrency
  4. ELECTRONEUM - Mobile Cloud mining at its Best! ETN can be transferred off the app and sold on exchanges!!!! Even though competition in the mobile mining-capable cryptocurrency industry is heating up, it will be rather challenging for new alternatives to rival Electroneum. The Electroneum project has been around for some time now, and has noted some degree of success in quick succession. The mobile app has been well received on both Android and iOS, although there is always room for further improvements. What are ETN Rewards you ask? They are the first step to earning ETN, Just log in to the app once a week to keep it active. By logging in once a week to activate the app it is then no longer active during the rest of the time using no battery or data!! The amount you earn is constantly fluctuating so there is never a defined number. The app itself uses cloud processing so there is very very little data usage. Electroneum isn't the only offering which effectively has released a physical phone., but its one of the best. ETN’s future is bright!. With nearly 3 million registered users, it would appear Electroneum is on track to achieve more great success in the future. Scan the Code below to download the App. World's most responsible blockchain. Those who need it the most Unlike any other blockchain, our network is run by Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) who benefit from their work by using the ETN they receive in block rewards to enhance their own charitable initiatives. by creating the most secure In the fight against fraud, we became the world’s first KYC/AML compliant cryptocurrency, and the first to launch a Moderated Blockchain that makes us insusceptible to 51% attack – the largest threat to cryptocurrencies. and greenest blockchain Despite processing thousands of transactions every day, unlike any other blockchain network, our network’s energy consumption is equivalent to that of a single light bulb. © Electroneum Ltd - Registered in England No. 10845797 Dun and Bradstreet No. 223070089
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