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Found 9 results

  1. BTC2PAY — обменник, работающий на рынке криптовалют и электронных платежных систем более 4 лет, за которые приобрел репутацию проверенного партнера. На нашем сайте представлено более 40+ видов криптоактивов. Мы помогаем нашим клиентам вывести криптовалюты на карты и совершать обмен любого рода направлений, постоянно расширяя спектр предлагаемых услуг и обеспечивая их максимальной безопасностью. Чтобы Ваши впечатления от нашего Сервиса были только благоприятными, мы проводим специальное обучения и повышаем квалификацию каждого члена нашей команды - от консультантов до разработчика. Можете сами проверить и оценить наши возможности! - Обменник CRYPTO, STABLE, EPS, UAH/USD/EUR/KZT
  2. By voting on tokens, you can vote on proposals associated with your blockchain. Coinlean gives you the probability to vote for your crypto coins. Token balloting ensures that blockchain individuals can be heard when making choices associated with the codebase and its management. These tokens can additionally outline the regulations for the blockchain to execute transactions and block verification.😃 Why Choose CoinLean? New cryptocurrencies are emerging. In addition to these new tokens and coins, there is a sequence of preliminary coin problems (ICOS). Although cryptocurrency suffered a heavy blow in 2018, the majority of investors’ hobby in these possibilities is nevertheless growing. But all these elements add up to appeal to liars. After all, if traders have proved that they are inclined to make investments their coin in enormously speculative cryptocurrencies, they appear equally possible to make investments in fraudulent tokens or ICOS. The outlook can be daunting for cryptocurrency traders who prefer to take full benefit of a giant range of new funding possibilities except being affected by way of fraudulent ICOS and hard coins and tokens. Blockchain and cryptocurrency applied sciences are growing rapidly, and even skilled buyers may additionally locate it hard to preserve up with this term. And you can honestly consider that CoinLean, which cooperates with iCoinPay and FaucetPay, will absolutely guard users’ protection and privateness needs. If you want to, you can pay interest to the telegrams of these systems and put ahead of your personal questions or recommendations on them, which will be answered via professionals. CoinLean is a gorgeous coin community, and CoinLean additionally offers the possibility to get cryptocurrency for free. The operation procedure of the CoinLean internet site is very simple. You solely want to follow for your coin on the CoinLean platform to vote and list. Build have confidence from the platform and large buyers will make investments in your coins. Your coin will develop and your business will grow. Your coin will gain with CoinLean. The extra famous your coin is, the greater humans will make investments in your coins. Therefore, you can go to CoinLean and observe for your vote here. How Does CoinLean Work? CoinLean is the favored area to list your BSC coin and share them with the world. You can vote on CoinLean to select your favorite cryptocurrency and assist it to pinnacle the list. Find the subsequent BSC moon touchdown format or post your token and assist others to discover it. For newly delivered tokens, we ought to vote to preserve the CoinLean listing fresh. The wide variety of votes required can also alternate at some time in the future, which ability that tokens earlier eligible to enter the domestic web page will no longer be valid. CoinLean lets you vote greater regularly for your chosen token in an alternative for checking out one of our promotional tokens. If your token can’t be found, you can put up it for approval. CoinLean will reply within 48 hours, and from then on, your token will show up on the ready list. The token has to accumulate sufficient votes to be formally listed on the CoinLean domestic page. CoinLean is a region for the crypto neighborhood to find out rising cryptocurrencies, so CoinLean lets you discover coins with extremely good achievable and the most energetic community. How to Take Part In CoinLean? Step 1: Enter Your Email Address on CoinLean Step 2: Enter Your Password Step 3: Enter Your Password Again Step 4: Read Terms Rules First Step 5: Click I’m not a robot to finish reCAPTCHA Step 6: Click “Sign Up” Step 7: Confirm Your Email to get running on the site. (Note: If you can’t find the email, please check the Spam Email.)
  3. [Announcement] Pre-whitelisting for Metaverse Odyssey Event The journey continues from Bit.Country Pioneer to Bit.Country Continuum and to an even wider Metaverse.Network ecosystem on Polkadot. The Metaverse Odyssey Event is for NUUM, the native utility token of Metaverse.Network (our Blockchain) and Bit.Country Continuum on Polkadot. We are pleased to announce that the pre-whitelisting site is live for the upcoming Metaverse Odyssey Event. This allows qualified Pioneer crowdloan contributors to link their email with their wallet’s contribution for pre-whitelisting. There will be three rounds for the event. *Update for round 1. Blindbox NFT holders who have claimed will be whitelisted. Pre-whitelisting site The deadline for pre-whitelisting is 20th/Nov/2021 00:00:00 UTC+0, about 7 days away from now. If you are not qualified for the first 2 rounds and are interested in our public event, you can sign up for our public event newsletter on the same website. FAQ ✔️What is the price, and min & max allocation for NUUM? This will be available on Tokensoft once the rounds kick off. ✔️If I am eligible for round 1, am I eligible for round 2? Yes, and anyone can also join the public round, round 3. ✔️How can we check our crowdloan NEER reward? We are busy processing the data and developing a new site for checking NEER rewards and referrals. Due to the priority of our Metaverse Odyssey Event, and that Kusama’s auctions almost clashed with this event, the team has put more of our focus into this event first. Rest assured, your KSM contribution rewards are safely recorded on Kusama and all the referral data has been kept safe in multiple locations. ✔️When should I expect to know if I won the additional land block gift? We have been working on this, and the team is debating two main points. We are also taking opinions from the community. So far, there is some good news to share, the debate is in favor of the majority of the pioneer crowdloan contributors receiving a space in Bit.Country Pioneer. The difference will be around the size, land types, and distribution method. Due to many upcoming events, we aim to announce it in Dec 2021 before Christmas day. ✔️When is the Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network crowdloan on Polkadot? Historically speaking, a well-performing canary network on Kusama is likely to have a successful outcome on Polkadot. That means if we focus on the Pioneer network on Kusama, we are actually curating value for its Polkadot cousin. We will start the Polkadot crowdloan when the timing is right. However, because web3 is developing at a rapid pace, this event could be sooner or later. Please stay tuned. ✔️What is the main purpose of Bit.Country Continuum & Metaverse.Network on Polkadot? The purpose of Bit.Country Continuum on Polkadot is to give more room for growth in terms of token supply and land block supply. It will also bring the top-performing individual metaverses from Pioneer to join the force to bootstrap the network. There will be different features, narratives, and more episodes. The purpose of Metaverse.Network on Polkadot is to enable enterprises to launch their own metaverse projects and collaborate with our metaverse initiatives. ✔️Having issues of verification in pre-whitelisting. Different Wallet Troubleshooting Website — Our Blockchain — Whitepaper — https://No link shortners - please include original link/3dP5TNv New Ideas — Social Channels Twitter — Medium — LinkedIn — Facebook — FB Group — Telegram Announcement — Chat Groups Telegram Group — Discord Channel —
  4. Предлагаю обсудить проект BitTube. Если кто не знает то в кратце: Монетизируйте ваше время, пока вы находитесь в сети. Расширение в BitTube заменяет рекламу веб-сайтов моделью монетизации AirTime. Это революционный способ использования веб-сайтов без рекламы. Просмотр с включенным расширением позволяет избавиться от рекламы, и вы получаете вознаграждения в зависимости от общего количества времени, проведенного в интернете. Встроенные функции позволяют жертвовать utility-токены TUBE доменам и аккаунтам в социальных сетях. Интегрированный кошелек помогает вам управлять вашими токенами и с легкостью отправлять или получать В настоящий момент проект платит токены без проблем , за день серфинга выходит до 1 токена, в зависимости от времени проведенного в интернете. Так же есть стейкинг монет. Извините, нельзя публиковать реф ссылки. Разместите в подписи. Спасибо. Модер.
  5. Hello guyz please tell me what is the best free mining sites for btc with free withdraw without deposit in this days
  6. ChangeNow Trusted or Not ChangeNOW is an instant exchange site for any crypto, I've used this site exchange for several time, easy simple, convenience, safe and we don't need to register. also we can use Visa or MasterCard to buy any crypto. but few day ago I read on reddit that ChangeNow is a fraudster, even though their case can be resolved and I found no complaint on other site. So if there is only a complaint I can't make it as a benchmark that ChangeNow is a con artist. therefore I want you to share your opinions and experiences in using ChangeNow.
  7. Thesaurm Token Airdrop Program Thesaurum is the platform which tokenizes and offer several resources including gold mines in Ghana as a game prize. Almost all of the game prices is simply a distribution of funds from the users of thesaurum games but the difference is that thesaurum invest the funds of the game users and after sometimes they distribute their profits among the users. Thesaurum is launching the games which will offer more valuable prizes after doing business with the funds so that the game users will not lose a lot of money if they lose the game. Thesaurum offers games which can be played all over the world and the winners can win high-priced products from anywhere in the world. All these services are completely secured using the blockchain technology. Thesaurum is basically backed by the gold mines and as we know that Bitcoin which is a first cryptocurrency and the Gold are very similar. The most common feature of cryptos and the gold is that both are limited. Talking about Bitcoin,it has a limit of 21 million BTC and this will not be change under any circumstances, so it's worth it. Talking about the gold, the sum of Gold mining and reserves is almost 210,000 tons and also some researchers think that the developers of BTC decided the sum of Bitcoins to be issued on the basisof Gold sum. TSM Airdrop Program Airdrop is basically gifting the free tokens to those people who supported the project in its initial state. Talking about Thesaurum Airdrop Program, the officials have decided to allocate 2 percent of total supply of TSM for the Airdrops. There will be more than two phases of TSM Airdrop. It is very easy to participate in the airdrops campaign of TSM. The good thing is that the project is new and everyone is eligible to participate in the Airdrop. You just have to complete the small tasks which aregiven below. 1. Register for Thesaurum website providing the registration email 2. Join and be a member of the official Thesaurum telegram group 3. Follow the Thesaurum official page on twitter After completing these above tasks you need to fill in the Airdrop form here: In this form, you just have to enter your email address from which you have registered on thesaurum website, your twitter user name and the telegram handle Thesaurum Airdrop rules and regulation: Any type of Ill-mannered communication is not welcome in the telegram group. Administrator have the right to delete any of the posts and to remove anyone who is going against thetolerable communication standards. Please keep the chat welcoming. Please do not send any spam message otherwise Thesaurum Admins will warn you first time and ban you if you continue to send any spam messages. To be qualified for the Airdrop program you have to be a Member of Thesaurum Telegram community until the Token sale is over and the airdrop distribution is completed. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact any of thesaurum admins directly in Telegram Chat. Be sure to check out Thesaurum whitepaper at: To participate in our ongoing Private sale and take advantage of Bonuses sign up on Thesaurum website:
  8. Providing Equilibrium Over the course of history, it is known that the people who do the most get the least. It is for this reason, along with increased debt, inflation and lack of prosperity for the people, that we have created a platform based on equilibrium. This process uses knowledge from a game theory which is derived from the Nash Equilibria equation. Our system is designed to give everyone the same opportunity for success and still rewards those that do more. The efforts to create income are minimal and all who are part of it would be able to earn. We are excited to bring this opportunity to everyone and become the instigators of the world’s greatest revolution. Our goal is to provide Global Prosperity. Social Rewards Website Google bans crypto-advertising. Therefore, there is a need for a new website where crypto and people can gather together. When the Social Rewards website opens and has an advertising platform that allows crypto advertising, the market will shift to the site for advertising. Imagine millions in crypto-advertising being closed down on Facebook and Google suddenly having a platform where they can market. That would be SHARED REVENUE!? Exchanges ] Be updated! Watch Michael Weber's lifestreams on youtube:
  9. The google said that China and India currently account for about 37% of the entire global population. How this can effect for crypto wold in year 2020? Both these countries are coming from Asia.
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